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A background check is a method used to identify potential threats to society through various checks and balances within the US Government. The private sector has also begun to incorporate background checks to protect customers through online shopping and over the counter medications criminal background checks for employment.

How does a background check work?

A background check is a check of past criminal records, school records, credit reports, and even medical records. A background check is not a security check. A background check is a check of information to identify people who may pose a risk to a community and/or their own safety.

You need to do a background check on all of your employees

A background check is not required on all of your employees. You only need to do a background check on those you choose to work for you. The employer-employee relationship is unique and special. In order to work for you, an employee must undergo a background check.

When is a background check necessary?

There are many situations where a background check is necessary, but not every time you buy anything. If you purchase thousands of dollars worth of products each year, a background check is only necessary when you complete the transaction. In these cases, the background check isVERY STRICTLY for your benefit.

How to do a background check on an employee

The first thing you’ll want to do is find out what kind of checker he/she is. There are many different checker types, but most have something in common: they check a lot.

You’ll first want to conduct a “walking check” to get a feel for how a person moves. This may seem simple enough, but many people miss or ignore this simple task. Walking checks are usually pretty clear-cut and obvious. You’re looking for someone who is unusually careful or clumsy.

Next, conduct a “driving check” to see if the person drives a lot. This is a bit trickier, but generally means they’re likely in control and able to drive safely.

Third, conduct a “robust check” to see if there are any red flags that stand out. This is the most complicated check and requires you to do a bit of research and put together your own “ dossier” of red flags.


The idea of a background check is to reduce the likelihood that someone who poses a threat to you will ever have access to your product or service. The major concern of many businesses is that a background check can identify their employees as being trouble and prevent them from working for them. However, the simple truth is that there’s no way to know for sure if someone will ever try to get access to your property. If they do, you can use a background check to eliminate them from your hiring process.

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