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CompTIA 220-1102 Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Summarize environmental impacts and local environmental controls
  • Identify basic features of Microsoft Windows editions
Topic 2
  • Given a scenario, install and configure browsers and relevant security settings
  • Identify common features and tools of the Linux client
  • desktop OS
Topic 3
  • Given a scenario, configure a workstation to meet best practices for security
  • Compare and contrast wireless security protocols and authentication methods
Topic 4
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common mobile OS and application security issues
  • Given a scenario, manage and configure basic security settings in the Microsoft Windows OS
Topic 5
  • Given a scenario, detect, remove, and prevent malware using the appropriate tools and methods
  • Given a scenario, use the appropriate Microsoft Windows 10
Topic 6
  • Given a scenario, use best practice procedures for malware removal
  • Given a scenario, apply application installation and configuration concepts
Topic 7
  • Explain the importance of prohibited content
  • activity and privacy, licensing, and policy concepts
  • Given a scenario, use the appropriate Microsoft command-line tool
Topic 8
  • Given a scenario, implement workstation backup and recovery methods
  • Identify common features and tools of the macOS
  • desktop OS

CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 2 Sample Questions (Q142-Q147):

A user created a file on a shared drive and wants to prevent its data from being accidentally deleted by others. Which of the following applications should the technician use to assist the user with hiding the file?

  • A. Device Manager
  • B. Administrative Tools
  • C. File Explorer
  • D. Indexing Options

Answer: D

Which of the following must be maintained throughout the forensic evidence life cycle when dealing with a piece of evidence?

  • A. Security policy
  • B. Chain of custody
  • C. Acceptable use
  • D. Information management

Answer: B

A field technician applied a Group Policy setting to all the workstations in the network. This setting forced the workstations to use a specific SNTP server. Users are unable to log in now. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  • A. A user changed the time zone on a local machine.
  • B. The SNTP server is offline.
  • C. The workstations and the authentication server have a system clock difference.
  • D. The Group Policy setting has disrupted domain authentication on the system,

Answer: C

The workstations and the authentication server have a system clock difference. If a Group Policy setting is applied that forces the workstations to use a specific SNTP server, but the system clock on the workstations and the authentication server are out of sync, then this can cause authentication issues and users will be unable to log in. In this case, the most likely cause of the issue is a difference in system clocks and the technician should ensure that the clocks on the workstations and the authentication server are in sync.

An Android user contacts the help desk because a company smartphone failed to complete a tethered OS update A technician determines there are no error messages on the device Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

  • A. Verify all third-party applications are disabled
  • B. Confirm a strong internet connection is available using Wi-Fi or cellular data
  • C. Check if the battery is sufficiently charged
  • D. Determine if the device has adequate storage available.

Answer: B

A technician has spent hours trying to resolve a computer issue for the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The CEO needs the device returned as soon as possible. Which of the following steps should the technician take NEXT?

  • A. Inform the CEO the repair will take a couple of weeks
  • B. Escalate the ticket
  • C. Repeat the iterative processes
  • D. Continue researching the issue

Answer: D


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