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Prerequisites for CIPP-E Exam

The main requirement for the CIPP-E exam is that the candidate has a basic knowledge of data protection. It is an added advantage if the candidate has relevant work experience which has already introduced them to the skills and concepts needed in the industry.

IAPP Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E) Sample Questions (Q223-Q228):

The Planet 49 CJEU Judgement applies to?

  • A. Cookies regardless of whether the data accessed is personal or not.
  • B. Cookies where the data accessed is considered as personal data only.
  • C. Cookies used only by third parties.
  • D. Cookies that are deemed technically necessary.

Answer: A

Under Article 9 of the GDPR, which of the following categories of data is NOT expressly prohibited from data processing?

  • A. Personal data revealing genetic data.
  • B. Personal data revealing financial data.
  • C. Personal data revealing trade union membership.
  • D. Personal data revealing ethnic origin.

Answer: B

Why is advisable to avoid consent as a legal basis for an employer to process employee data?

  • A. Employee data can only be processed if there is an approval from the data protection officer.
  • B. An employer might have difficulty obtaining consent from every employee.
  • C. Consent may not be valid if the employee feels compelled to provide it.
  • D. Data protection laws do not apply to processing of employee data.

Answer: A

Please use the following to answer the next question:
Brady is a computer programmer based in New Zealand who has been running his own business for two years. Brady's business provides a low-cost suite of services to customers throughout the European Economic Area (EEA). The services are targeted towards new and aspiring small business owners. Brady's company, called Brady Box, provides web page design services, a Social Networking Service (SNS) and consulting services that help people manage their own online stores.
Unfortunately, Brady has been receiving some complaints. A customer named Anna recently uploaded her plans for a new product onto Brady Box's chat area, which is open to public viewing. Although she realized her mistake two weeks later and removed the document, Anna is holding Brady Box responsible for not noticing the error through regular monitoring of the website. Brady believes he should not be held liable.
Another customer, Felipe, was alarmed to discover that his personal information was transferred to a third- party contractor called Hermes Designs and worries that sensitive information regarding his business plans may be misused. Brady does not believe he violated European privacy rules. He provides a privacy notice to all of his customers explicitly stating that personal data may be transferred to specific third parties in fulfillment of a requested service. Felipe says he read the privacy notice but that it was long and complicated Brady continues to insist that Felipe has no need to be concerned, as he can personally vouch for the integrity of Hermes Designs. In fact, Hermes Designs has taken the initiative to create sample customized banner advertisements for customers like Felipe. Brady is happy to provide a link to the example banner ads, now posted on the Hermes Designs webpage. Hermes Designs plans on following up with direct marketing to these customers.
Brady was surprised when another customer, Serge, expressed his dismay that a quotation by him is being used within a graphic collage on Brady Box's home webpage. The quotation is attributed to Serge by first and last name. Brady, however, was not worried about any sort of litigation. He wrote back to Serge to let him know that he found the quotation within Brady Box's Social Networking Service (SNS), as Serge himself had posted the quotation. In his response, Brady did offer to remove the quotation as a courtesy.
Despite some customer complaints, Brady's business is flourishing. He even supplements his income through online behavioral advertising (OBA) via a third-party ad network with whom he has set clearly defined roles. Brady is pleased that, although some customers are not explicitly aware of the OBA, the advertisements contain useful products and services.
Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), what is the most likely reason Serge may have grounds to object to the use of his quotation?

  • A. Because of the juxtaposition of the quotation with others' quotations.
  • B. Because of the misrepresentation of personal data as an endorsement.
  • C. Because of the misapplication of the household exception in relation to a social networking service (SNS).
  • D. Because of the use of personal data outside of the social networking service (SNS).

Answer: C

According to the E-Commerce Directive 2000/31/EC, where is the place of "establishment" for a company providing services via an Internet website confirmed by the GDPR?

  • A. Where the customer's Internet service provider is located
  • B. Where the technology supporting the website is located
  • C. Where the decisions about processing are made
  • D. Where the website is accessed

Answer: A


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