There's a high probability it was the case that winning this Super Bowl would have led to Newton still being an offensive player for the Carolina Panthers, Dave Gettleman still serving as the GM and Ron Rivera remaining head coach. These ripples would have spread throughout the league and Madden 23 coins affected numerous franchises. Another team would likely choose to hire Matt Rule who came from Baylor, Teddy Bridgewater could be a starter QB in a different town, Washington could have hired a new head coach, and there's a possibility that the strength of a Panthers team forces the Buccaneers into a full rebuild rather than going full-time on Tom Brady in 2020 -in the event that they see their opportunity at the NFC South closed.

Cam Newton deserved better than his end with the Panthers Scenario two: Things go similar (mostly).

Let's say winning Super Bowl 50 doesn't fix the organizational problems of the Carolina Panthers. Newton's injuries remain an issue. As the team's focus remains on winning and the collapse continues to occur. We're still left with an entirely different reality particularly with regard to free agency.

At present, Cam Newton is still without an organization. It's not commonplace that a 31-year-old MVP-winning quarterback won't be able to get the starting position, especially in the league that is reliant on old QB talent. The injury concerns are real however Super Bowl 50 has lingered over Newton in the form of a stigma, evidence that he wasn't able to win "the big one."

If the Panthers decide to move with a distinct direction, and included an Super Bowl winning MVP on their roster it's entirely plausible the general view of Newton shifts from simply a potential injury risk into a missed opportunity. Carolina could be able to obtain something through the sale of their team, as teams are more willing to gamble for a player who has proven themselves, rather than duke them out through free agency.

At the very minimum, it appears likely that the Colts could have picked Newton instead of Philip Rivers, or the Bears decide to move on from Mitchell Trubisky. There is a possibility that the Los Angeles Chargers are another possible destination in this scenario. It doesn't change the overall look of the league nearly as much, but Newton having won Super Bowl 50 makes him an established player.

The situation is to deal with the perfect weather. Newton, a quarterback who should by law be starting in the madden 23 coins cheap even if was not on a team for the summer.