Salesforce MCC-201인증시험패스는 아주 어렵습니다. 자기에맞는 현명한 학습자료선택은 성공을 내딛는 첫발입니다. 퍼펙트한 자료만의 시험에 성공할수 있습니다. Pass4Tes시험문제와 답이야 말로 퍼펙트한 자료이죠. 우리Salesforce MCC-201인증시험자료는 100%보장을 드립니다. 또한 구매 후 일년무료 업데이트버전을 받을 수 있는 기회를 얻을 수 있습니다.

Salesforce MCC-201 시험요강:

주제 1
  • Explain each of the Sales and Service Cloud Activites
  • Review of various ways to connect the Clouds
주제 2
  • Overview of the Customer Success Platform
  • How to create a dashboard for Marketing Cloud tracking reports
주제 3
  • Explain how and why to bring Salesforce CRM data into the Marketing Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud Connect Overview
주제 4
  • Understand the tracking data available in the Marketing Cloud
  • Understand what happens when an email is sent
주제 5
  • Connect a Marketing Cloud account to a Salesforce org
  • Understand the tracking data available in the Sales
  • Service Cloud
주제 6
  • How to create and automate tracking reports in the Marketing Cloud
  • Overview of the Marketing Cloud
주제 7
  • How to automate the sending of an email via a Triggered Email, Automation Studio, and Journey Builder

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MCC-201유효한 덤프 인기자격증 덤프

IT업계에 종사하시는 분은 국제공인 IT인증자격증 취득이 얼마나 힘든지 알고 계실것입니다. 특히 시험이 영어로 되어있어 부담을 느끼시는 분도 계시는데 Itcertkr를 알게 된 이상 이런 고민은 버리셔도 됩니다. Itcertkr의Salesforce MCC-201덤프는 모두 영어버전으로 되어있어Salesforce MCC-201시험의 가장 최근 기출문제를 분석하여 정답까지 작성해두었기에 문제와 답만 외우시면 시험합격가능합니다.

최신 Marketing Cloud Consultant MCC-201 무료샘플문제 (Q127-Q132):

질문 # 127
By which three standard methods could contacts be injected into a journey? Choose 3 answers

  • A. Sales/Service Cloud Event
  • B. Mobile Response Event
  • C. Date-Based Event
  • D. CloudPages Form Submit Event
  • E. Predictive Intelligence Event


질문 # 128
A customer is using Marketing Cloud Connect but not sending tracking back to Sales Cloud. They want to create a Task on Contact and Lead records for follow up when someone has not opened five emails in a row.
Which activities could be used to fulfill this requirement?

  • A. API Event Entry, SQL Query Activity, Task Activity
  • B. Scheduled Automation, SQL Query Activity; Data Extension Entry, Task Activity
  • C. Scheduled Automation, Filter Activity; Data Extension Entry, Contact Activity
  • D. Salesforce Data Entry, SQL Query Activity, Task Activity


질문 # 129
Northern Trail Outfitters wants to suppress their highly engaged email subscribers (multiple opens and clicks for a target campaign) from active display campaigns to reduce overall cost and eliminate unnecessary targeting to the user.
What should be recommended?

  • A. Einstein Engagement Scoring
  • B. Advertising Studio
  • C. Mobile Studio
  • D. Google Analytics 360


질문 # 130
A retail company's database of record resides at a 3rd-party company that also keeps track of purchase history. That database only updates once a day where new records can be created and merged. The database uses an "Email ID," which is a numeric field that represents both the business unit and email address. The company now wants to be able to send real-time Welcome emails to people (newly registered website users) who provide their email address in exchange for getting 10% off their first order, and ensure this send is connected to "Email ID" in the database.
What key issue should be addressed? Choose 3 answers

  • A. What will be used as the Subscriber Key?
  • B. How will Marketing Cloud and the database sync up?
  • C. What publication lists will be used?
  • D. Will new users have an "Email ID"?
  • E. Will the company need a custom preference center?


질문 # 131
Northern Trail Outfitters want to use the Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) Preference Center to allow the customers to manage their subscribers and have them updated Salesforce CRM using Marketing Cloud Connect.
Which two considerations should be made before implementing this solution? (Choose 2 answers)

  • A. The OOTB Preference Center does not support Person Account
  • B. Multi-Org Connector does not support the OOTB Preference Center
  • C. Contacts first added to all subscribers via Salesforce Entry Event in Journey Builder would not update.
  • D. The OOTB Connector cannot update Salesforce Sale Cloud Directly


질문 # 132

어떻게Salesforce인증MCC-201시험을 패스하느냐 에는 여러 가지 방법이 있습니다. 하지만 여러분의 선택에 따라 보장도 또한 틀립니다. 우리Itcertkr 에서는 아주 완벽한 학습가이드를 제공하며,Salesforce인증MCC-201시험은 아주 간편하게 패스하실 수 있습니다. Itcertkr에서 제공되는 문제와 답은 모두 실제Salesforce인증MCC-201시험에서나 오는 문제들입니다. 일종의 기출문제입니다.때문에 우리Itcertkr덤프의 보장 도와 정확도는 안심하셔도 좋습니다.무조건Salesforce인증MCC-201시험을 통과하게 만듭니다.우리Itcertkr또한 끈임 없는 덤프갱신으로 페펙트한Salesforce인증MCC-201시험자료를 여러분들한테 선사하겠습니다.

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