How you can do your part to help change the world, one person at a time.


     What does it really mean to be a hero? You don’t need superpowers or a godlike physique. Heroes are more than Ironman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America. Being a hero is an action, it’s a belief, it’s a philosophy towards life. It’s a choice, and one which everyone can make today.

     See, even the heroes in the movies aren’t heroic because of their powers or their colorful costumes. What makes them heroes is their drive to help, their will to do what they can to save lives and help the people around them. It’s not saving the world that makes them a hero, its waking up and walking out the door to help. The choice to be a hero is the most heroic choice you can make. And it’s really as simple as a choice.        

            All the world-saving comes after that one choice. And that’s the thing about saving the world. It doesn’t have to be a grand, climactic, battle with a super villain. All it takes is one person. All you need to do is to save their world. And for them, you saved the world. Then that person can help someone, and they can help someone else, and by the end of the day, the ripples from your action really have changed the whole world.

     You don’t need to defeat Thanos to save the world. Maybe you’re a teacher for special needs students, or maybe you volunteer every Sunday. Maybe you’re a police officer, or a front-line medical worker. Or maybe you’re a single mother struggling to raise your kids in the middle of a pandemic. You’re as much a hero as are the Avengers.

     So, make the choice. Tell yourself, “I am a hero,” and act on it. Go out of your way to make a difference in someone’s life, and you too can be a Hero today.