Madden NFL 23 athletes approved the latest collective bargaining plan from the owners by an extremely narrow margin of 1.019-959 votes. The majority of Madden NFL 23 players did not participate. Yet, the CBA that will run all the way to 2030. was approved by  Madden 23 coins a vote majority. This is a result that I had expected to see however, the margin was quite a surprise.

The deal was approved, in spite of a vocal group of veterans on social media and in the union. I know there's discussion about players making a decision to vote because of the current situation with the coronavirus virus outbreak and the panic in the stock market and the stock market crash, but I find that difficult to believe. I'm convinced that this CBA was probably always getting approved. Here's why.

There are two main reasons the CBA was approved

The first reason is that it benefits to benefit the "rank-and-file" participants in the union, more that the stars. The growth in minimum wage is significant, and I'm confident that the majority rank-and-file players will vote for what is essential now, and not the future of their career or when they retire.

This is why I was shocked to find an overwhelming number of "no" vote. There was a report earlier in the week that a few players wanted to change their votes, and the Madden NFL 23 Players Association rejected their request. However, it was speculated that many of those players were looking to change the way they vote, from "no" and to "yes," once they knew more about the CBA. Many players were initially Imaden NFL affected by the opinions on social media, and I'm guessing that once they began to investigate the CBA for their own, they were looking to modify their votes.

Then again, according to Benjamin Allbright, it wouldn't matter anyway:


While players of the Madden NFL 23PA had been encouraging players for a few years to be financially secure in case there was a work stoppage, remember that I stated earlier: a majority of the Madden NFL 23 participants are an average-level player. They are NOT prepared for a standoff. They've not paid the money back, and some of it because they're younger or don't. Some veterans who are able to talk an important game aren't quite ready for this. And that's always hanging over these talks.

There is no way to be 100% satisfied with the labor arrangement and in every negotiation there is  buy mut 23 coins a chance for both sides to make concessions and gain a little. But, I'd supported this CBA however I'm well aware of the flaws.

Money is what owners care about. They don't want having less time to practice or testing for street drug use, which is the reason they agreed to give up those points. They didn't receive enough from a 17th game.

They wanted a better ratio of revenues than 48.5 percent. They needed an extra bye week for playing an additional game. They needed more roster spots and more players on the active roster for games than they received.