Burial urns for sale - Buy cremation urns online at the best price. The Kiri biodegradable TREE URN allows a tree or a plant to be planted using the cremation ashes of a loved one.

Our biodegradable TREE URN comes from innovative eco-engineering and green manufacturing development. It represents Kiri Bio Group LLC's team dedication and commitment.

The Kiri Bio Group LLC company was born a few years ago. The result is a quality, innovative and ecological product designed and engineered to turn the ashes of a loved one into a tree, thus preserving memories.

Aware of the ecological impact that can be generated and the sentimental value it reflects in people, our motto is, “Plant a tree ... Plant a story.”

TREE URN is the only B2C authorized distributor for all online and social media sales of the Kiri Urn™ system in the USA and Canada.

We sell and ship internationally. All prices are in USD currency.

More Info: https://tree-urn.com/

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Address: 1035 NE 125th St #110, North Miami, FL 33161 - USA

Call: 1-786-840-0510