"Did you come to the conclusion after tasting it last time?" Yi Ning was neither humble nor pushy. "Whether it's good or not," he said, "you have to eat first." Sun Jiayue nodded and said, "Yes, eat first.". It's too early to judge. "Then try it." Lie stepped forward, picked up his chopsticks and handed them to Xue Ningxue. "Miss, you go first?" Chapter 0047: [Murderer's Suicide] The second more sent, still need the support of twenty brothers to break through four thousand collections, please give strength. "Mmm." In the face of Alie's active inquiry, Xue Ningxue was very happy. She nodded gently, took the chopsticks, and then slanted her head to look at Yi Ning. Her sunny face immediately came down: "Boy, if it's not to my taste, hum, you know." "You eat first." Yi Ning still smiled and nodded. Xue Ningxue did not say any more, but stepped forward, looking at the dishes on the table, the color is relatively light, there is no meat and fish, although the aroma is still in the attack, but she did not know how many delicacies she had eaten over the years, even if now hungry, but the appetite is not too big, in short, she firmly believed that this dish is certainly not delicious, just go through the scene, then randomly clip a pea horn, is about to be put into the mouth. All right, now! Seeing the right time,interactive whiteboard for schools, Yi Ning immediately said silently in his heart: "Insect Brother, show up quickly!" "Hum!" There was a flash of lightning, and an insect pictogram quickly appeared in midair. The so-called mecha insects are indeed very small, so small that they can only be seen clearly with a magnifying glass. Fortunately, it has its own expansion, so that Yi Ning can see that the metal is sparkling all over, shining with endless edges, and the horns on his head are trembling, as if it were some kind of receiver. The back of the abdomen has a hard shell bifurcated on both sides, which is densely carved with many small patterns,75 smart board, which can not be seen at all. There are eight feet, each of which is pitifully small. This shape looks like a ladybug with seven stars. Host, here I come. The mecha insects gave a cry of surprise. It is based on tasting delicious food and automatic seasoning. For foodies, it is the most wonderful thing in the world to be able to eat anytime and anywhere. Well, as you can see, now Xue Ningxue is eating peas. It's your turn to play. Yi Ning nodded and urged. Don't worry, I'm here, absolutely pass. Mecha insects are quite confident, should be a, can not help but say, with lightning speed, fast floating past, the body slowly shrink, shrink. Until it was as small as a grain of dust, it suddenly got into Xue Ningxue's mouth. At that time, the fusion device also told Yi Ning that the mecha insect itself was transparent, so even if she entered the mouth, she could see the structure inside the mouth. Its most powerful seasoning means is that it can produce chewing according to what the diners eat. Through the antennae on the head, it triggers a series of artistic conceptions related to the food, which are transmitted into the mind and invisibly affect the taste senses of the diners. The means achieved in this way can no longer be described as simple delicacy, smart board for conference room ,digital interactive whiteboard, but can penetrate into the bottom of the heart and arouse resonance. And it has multiple Fen Shen, eight feet, are still hidden in its font, that is to say, now Yi Ning sees the mecha insects, is the matrix, the font is hidden, when necessary, will be released at the same time, so as to solve the incoherence caused by several people eating at the same time. Immediately, as it entered, the pea horn was also put into Xue Ningxue's mouth and chewed lazily. Yi Ning opened his eyes wide and looked at the intact pea horn, which was chewed by Xue Ningxue's white teeth. She did not feel too much on her face. Obviously, she regarded it as a pure ordinary thing to send away. As soon as she swallowed the taste of the dish, she felt that there was nothing to recommend it. When she was ready to announce the result of the failed dish, the mecha insect saw the opportunity to trigger the antennae and emit a burst of green liquid. Such as misty smoke, hazy penetration into any food chewed out, and then together with the taste of vegetables, together into Xue Ningxue's esophagus. Immediately there was a situation that made Yi Ning stunned, chewing food, one by one turned into a spirit that seemed to dance in the night, lively and cheerful in the mouth of the forest, bursting out a fragrant breath, accumulated in her tongue, teeth, and even throat, so that Xue Ningxue's frowning face, instantly delighted. Then a breeze blows the entrance, and the feeling of warmth is conveyed from the mouth to the whole body, especially when it is sublimated to the cranial nerves, which makes Xue Ningxue unconsciously enjoy the comfortable feeling of wind blowing freely in the broad plains and grasslands. Several people watched Xue Ningxue finish eating a pea horn, then clip another one, and then put several together. A series of movements, as if the peas were delicious. Ning Xue, how about it? How does it taste? Qu Xin took her arm. Lie is also frowning: "Look at you like this, seems not bad?" "I'm almost a third of the way through the plate." Sun Jiayue is not pleased. Yi Ning, on the other hand, keeps smiling. Boy, using the vegetable substance of peas can enhance people's spiritual sublimation and produce the feeling of walking comfortably in the prairie. This mecha insect is so awesome. Delicious, delicious, delicious! Xue Ningxue gulped down the answer at the same time, but also continued to eat, as if it was addictive in general, before eating a third of the plate, just a minute or two, has been eaten more than half. Finally, because he choked, he took a sip of water and finally stopped tasting it. Brother Insect, go back! Seeing this, Yi Ning summoned the mecha insect back to the air. What do you say? Am I right? A big meal doesn't have to have good ingredients, as long as it's delicious. Yi Ning looked at Xue Ningxue with a smile. Although just eat the feeling, is able to warm the throat, into the heart, can make people irremediably fall in love with this kind of food, but the natural unwillingness to admit defeat, so that she did not have a good look to Yi Ning, humming way: "OK, don't get carried away, is.." Just get by. "Hey, die to save face and suffer." Yi Ning laughed in his heart. At this time, hearing that Xue Ningxue, who had always loved to pick on Yi Ning's thorns, admitted the delicacy of the meal,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, it aroused the appetite of several people in Qu Xin. Sun Jiayue, in particular, was so hungry that he quickly picked up his chopsticks and ate them. hsdsmartboard.com