In the fantastic 3D driving game Drive Mad, you must race your automobile while destroying as many trucks as you can. Drive quickly and precisely to avoid obstacles, earn points, and increase your score. To drive and turn, press the left and right arrow keys or the arrow keys. To utilize your nitro boosters, press "A." Try to avoid crashes! Have fun!

Drive Mad is a mobile-friendly 3D driving game that can be played on computers, phones, and tablets. However, it is so much more than just a driving game; it is also a puzzle game and a skill game, requiring you to use your mind and your skills to navigate the levels successfully, despite the game's title suggesting otherwise. There will be an inevitable collision if you proceed in that manner. It is an engaging block-graphics monster truck driving game where you must go through a number of really difficult stages. You won't need the steering wheel in this no-cost online game since you can simply accelerate or reverse. Easy enough? Although the bends may not be necessary, they provide space for other forms of hazards.