This is the ideal time for a show without Meyer. The Jaguars will play with the Texans in a match they certainly can win but if they do make it to Madden 23 Coins the finals? It's a different story. Instead of worrying about who will win I'm more excited to learn how the players react to their new coach and if this team has more fun.

Dan Campbell is a football robot. He's the perfect player for the Lions

We know that Dan Campbell exists. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that he's human. He played tight end in Madden NFL 23. and went on to become a coach. However, I can't help but believe that Campbell may be a cyborg created using an intelligent A.I. that was fed only in football films from the 1980s, featuring traditional football characters with grizzled teeth.

The Lions might be just 1-10-1 this season, however, Detroit has done better than the record suggests. There's lots of enthusiasm throughout the team this season and, even though they've many things to improve from a player perspective It's clear that they have something promising to build on. The legend surrounding Dan Campbell is growing, with praise pouring in from unexpected sources. The latest example comes directly from Broncos quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, who explained how motivating the coach is.

"Dan, he's awesome. His energy is contagious , and I'm pretty sure those players from Detroit are enthralled by playing for his. I was able to spend the two years I spent playing with him at New Orleans and the things that he managed to accomplish with the tight ends in that room -- every time he stood in front of the team and talked and talked, you're ready to storm out of that meeting and kick a person in the face without reason."

It's impressive to be driven enough to carry out some random act of violence but this isn't it's the Dan Campbell effect, apparently. A former Madden NFL 23 GM Pat Kirwin said that he compared Campbell as Bill Cowher in Cheap Mut 23 Coins terms of his personality But let's be honest -- the jaw is quite a striking resemblance too. Campbell looks a lot like Cowher when he's angry at the sideline.