Bengals owners Mike Brown, who created his constant failure machine through nepotism and frugality, refused to Madden 23 Coins take draft picks for free from a quarterback-starved league. "Carson signed to a contract. He signed a contract. He made his promise," Brown said. "We believed in his words. We believed in his word. We expected him to show up here. He's going out from his obligation. We won't reward the man for his actions."

Brown has finally cracked the halfway mark into the 2011 season, sending Palmer to Oakland to receive a first-round selection and a second-round selection that was conditional, one of many reasons the Raiders remain far less successful as the Bengals during the last couple decades.

There's a reason that Oakland's most passionate fans enjoy cheering at to the Black Hole: because the collapsed star physics apply for the Raiders. When quarterbacks reach the event horizon that is an Oakland Raider the photons they emit slow to zero, therefore we cannot see them disappear. We are just able to look away.

Palmer did however manage to achieve escape velocity in a trade with the Cardinals in spring 2013. He led in leading the Cardinals to a record of 10-6 as the first player of Madden NFL 23 history to throw for over 4000 yards with three teams. He did even better this year, winning every one of his six starts during the time that the Cardinals went on to be at the top of the NFC. His 11 touchdown passes to three interceptions was the top ratio of his career.

In Week 10 this year after he was slamming into his knees against the Rams without being touched, his ACL torn again. He needed Carson Palmer a decade to recover his career and his return didn't last a full season until he was struck by the same injury that stole his potential initially. However Buy Mut 23 Coins, even if he doesn't will play again, he'll conclude his career as the most successful professional quarterback from USC.