Are you looking for an effective trade show display? Well, you are in the right place. The below tips for an effective trade show display will help you a lot in planning the 10×10 exhibit booth show the first time. Remember, your exhibit booth should have a wow factor that can give your attendees much helpful information and leave them interested in your brand. Let's know more about it. 


High-Quality Graphics


Graphics are everything in a trade show display. It portrays your services to the audience and presents solutions to the client's problems. In that case, the collection should represent a simple, apparent, and full-sized bold picture that grabs the attention of your audience and client. You can find many exhibitors to get mysterious and ornate graphics rather than a simple 10×10 pop up display. Most of the time, it ends up with a distracted and awful presentation for the clientele. 


Memorable Headline


After graphics, the headline is the second thing that attracts customers to your brand view. The headline should be compelling, clear and short, and straightforward. A careful and practically thought-out headline keeps the attendees attracted to your booth. Apart from that, a quick and bold headline is visible from every angle of a trade show display. 


Use three bright Colors 


Bright colors have a lot of contribution to an exhibit's mood. It makes your brand instantly recognizable to visitors. You can also apply a high-contrasting color to highlight any important message. While too few colors can be dull, too many can confuse it. So, the selection of colors matters a lot in any exhibit booth trade display. In that case, you can apply the primary colors to 60% of the space, use secondary colors for 30% of the area and keep the last 10% for accent color. 


The Message Should Be Above of Waist Height


Sometimes people overlook something because it's not within their eyesight. This is one of the most important things that you should not forget when planning for a trade show 10×10 pop up display. Sometimes you can see people overlook something they have in front of their table. The most common reasons are that they are too distracted to notice what's at eye level or, most probably, other people are standing in front of it. The retractable banner table can be a good idea to get people's attention because of its height. Always ensure the main message is displayed above your waist, at least three to four feet from the ground. 


Use of Technology


It would help if you did not limit your display to traditional trade show practices. Such as, the use of monitors in 10×10 pop up display can make communication interactive with the visitors through different short videos. Apart from that, live streaming and posting client feedback on YouTube can be done in extraordinary ways also. 




You can easily create highly creative and effective trade show displays. Following the above tips, you can make your trade show more compelling. Hopefully, the article has helped you a lot. So, don't be afraid to think out of the box. Always try to give something new, and you will be glad to see the result.