Does your company need a presence with a trade show exhibit? So, you should know the different types of trade show exhibit booths along with their ins and outs. In the below article, you will learn about different types of trade show booths like 10×10 exhibit booth along with their pros and cons. Hopefully, the report will help you choose the right one. 


Inline Booths


The inline Booths are one of the most common types in a trade show. Other names of inline booths are linear or row booths. If the stalls are backed against the venue wall, it is also known as a perimeter booth. Most of the time, the inline booths are arranged in a straight order with other stalls and corner booths. 


Corner Booths


You can find the corner booths situated at the end of the aisle. While the inline booths and corner booths are almost the same, still the corner booth provides access to attendees from two different corners. One side of the corner booth is involved in the horizontal aisle, and the next is from the vertical. In the corner booths, the exhibitor can expect a more significant number of visitors when compared to the inline one. 


Island booth


The island booth is generally a type of prime booth. The island booth has aisles on four sides, and it stands on its own. The island 10×10 exhibit booth has a lot of scopes to make your brand stand out in the queue. However, if you choose this type of booth, you can consider having a co-marketing partner, as this is a bit costlier than other types of stalls. Having a co-marketing partner, you can divide the cost between the two of you and still have the benefit of an island booth. 


Peninsula Booth


The peninsula booths come with aisles on three sides, and it keeps a connection with another exhibit. When compared to island booths, the pendula is less expensive and smaller. But when compared with perimeter and linear booths, 10×10 booth display is a bit expensive. The peninsula booths are one of the great choices for those who want to get something less costly than the island booth. 


Two-Story or Multi-story 


The multi-story or two-story booths consist of two or more levels. Generally, other 10×10 trade show displays accompany special guests, a break room for staff, or extra storage. With the multi-story one, you can have the same benefits, higher visibility and additional space for your booth. For structural purposes, the multi-story booths need approval from exhibit facilities and local government bodies. If you are looking for multi-story booths, seek permission from the local authority bodies first. 




No matter the type of 10×10 trade show display you plan to have, you should maintain good communication with your exhibit house about your needs. By doing the same, you can get better service, and you can get what you expect. Having a thorough conversation beforehand about having an exhibit booth can double up the performance also. If you still have any conditions, you can stay connected with us to get more valuable information.