Biochar is produced from waste materials and is a safe and sustainable way of recycling nutrients. Biochar has recently gained significant traction owing to its numerous applications in fish farming and plant growth improvement activities. It has a unique structure that increases its stability against soil degradation. Adding biochar to soil segregates carbon helps in minimizing climate change. Additionally, it improves soil quality by raising pH levels, moisture retention, microbial flora and cation exchange capacity. Furthermore, it also increases phosphorus and total nitrogen concentrations present in soil. The cases of soil degradation are increasing due to growing deforestation. As a result of this, soil amendments such as biochar fertilizer are being increasingly used to retain soil nutrients, thus, creating positive growth prospects for biochar fertilizer market.


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Biochar Fertilizer Market to Flourish With its Extensive Application in Animal Feed

Incorporating biochar into the diets of livestock feed has numerous benefits for animal health. It increases the habitat surface area of animal guts on which beneficial bugs get attach and digest nutrients to be absorbed by the animal. In addition, it also adsorbs toxins in the gut and compounds in the digestive tract. The use of biochar as an additive in feed has significantly increased the feed efficiency and weight gain in animals. These exceptional benefits are increasing the demand for biochar fertilizers as a livestock feed. Consequently, these factors are expected to steepen the growth curve for the biochar fertilizer market in the coming years.


Agriculture Industry to Form a Holistic Growth Opportunity for Biochar Fertilizer Market

The growing adoption of organic farming exhibits great prospects for the biochar fertilizer market. The trends in organic farming are expected to benefit from the nutrient-enriching capacity of biochar fertilizer. Organic biochar fertilizer is used in organic food production. It helps in improving natural rates of carbon sequestration in the soil and improves its quality. It also plays an important role in decreasing farm waste and greenhouse emissions. Overall, biochar fertilizer improves total farming productivity. Therefore, farmers around the world are incorporating it to enhance crop yields, aiding the expansion of the biochar fertilizer market.


Asia Pacific to Slate Dominance with Booming Agriculture Industry

The rapid growth of agriculture in the Asia Pacific has propelled the use of biochar fertilizers in the region. This is due to the realized importance of biochar in improving soil quality. Specifically, China is expected to be the major producer of biochar fertilizer in the region. Biochar fertilzer addresses various challenges faced in the area including crop residue disposal, soil contamination, quality deterioration, field burning, and greenhouse gas emissions. It helps in converting agro-waste into a product that is used as a soil conditioner in crops. The cumulative force of these factors provides an impetus to the growth of biochar fertilizer market in Asia Pacific.


Prominent Market Players

Some of the prominent players operating in the global biochar fertilizer market include Terra Humana Ltd (Poland), Green Man Char (Australia), TerraChar (U.S.), Oregon Biochar Solutions (U.S.), Tolero Energy LLC (U.S.), CharGrow (U.S.), Farm2Energy (India), Carbon is GmbH & Co. KG (Germany), BSEI (U.S.), 3R Enviro Tech Group (India), and American Biochar Company (U.S.)


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