How to Find High Volume Stocks: Volume is an indicator that indicates the total number of shares purchased or sold in a given time period or trading day. Several investors use trading volume to examine trends and patterns in the stock market. Trading volume data is easily accessible and can be found almost anywhere.

Volume, along with stock price action, can be one of the most important technical parameters in determining where a stock is headed. Trading volume reflects overall market activity in securities, indicating investor interest. This indicator also aids in the perception of an asset at any given time. One of the most closely watched indicators is trading volume. Simply put, trading volume refers to the total number of shares on which an action (buy or sell) was taken. As a result, actively traded stocks in the stock market have high trading volumes. The trading volume, on the other hand, will be low if the stocks are thinly traded.

Trading volume can be calculated for a variety of financial instruments, including derivatives, stocks, bonds, and various commodities. The stock exchange publishes these volumes for each trading session in the stock market.

It is always best to trade or invest in stocks with a high trading volume. This article will describe How to Find High Volume Stocks on the Indian Stock Exchange.