A man who is believed to be involved with the death of hip-hop singer Young Dolph in the past year has turned himself over to police on Friday, the department announced.

Jermarcus Johnson was the 4th suspect taken to custody as part of the investigation to the November. 17th, 2021 fatal shooting of hip-hop star close to the local bakery, Bakeda's Cookies Homemade.

Memphis police earlier on Friday stated that Johnson was wanted as a suspect and was wanted in connection with a conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and sought assistance from the public in locating Johnson.

"We're asserting that he assisted in helping one shooter escape, and also assisted one shooter to receive compensation for the murder solicited," Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy told NBC affiliate WMC of Memphis.

The court records online do not seem to indicate Johnson did not have an attorney that could speak on behalf of Johnson.

Three other individuals have been charged and arrested for the murder.

Cornelius Smith, 32; Justin Johnson, 24; and Hernandez Govan, 43, have been accused of first-degree murder, as well as other charges.

Govan was accused of orchestrating his murder. He pleaded not guilty during his first court appearance on Thursday, WMC reported.

Dolph who's name was Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr. He was 36 at the time his death occurred.

In Memphis to participate in the annual Thanksgiving dinner and stopped at the bakery at the time he was shot, according to his lawyer at the time of his murder.