Fake number means counterfeit, that is, something that has completely different properties from what has been exposed. Accordingly, by fake numbers we mean the phenomenon of a person calling our cell phone who is absolutely not who he/she claims to be. This phenomenon is characteristic of the modern world, as the Internet and all its privileges have given man a great chance of anonymity.

Most often the phenomenon of anonymity can be found in social networks, people create fictitious profiles, put there photos and enter the data about the people who in fact do not exist. So, thanks to this, people can carry out absolutely any manipulations.


Fake number for sms to save your anonymity

Anonymity is a global problem of the Internet, because behind it hides a huge number of problems. It is on it is built the entire virtual reality in which modern people are so accustomed to live. Not everyone realizes that life on the Internet significantly harms their physical and psychological health. There are known cases where in some countries of the world, people literally went crazy because of the problem, consisting in the habit of living a virtual life, they had a split personality. They did not distinguish well between the real world and the game online, where you can do absolutely everything.