After ten seconds, Macht stopped looking at the attacker, turned his head, and said to his bodyguard: "You stay here, guard the scene and the prisoner, and wait for the police to come." At this point, he paused for a second and turned to the valet: "Notify reporters from several newspapers to cover the matter." After the initial treatment, the MP looked around and found that many passers-by were trying to gather to see what had happened, so he looked at Dawn. Dantès Apologize a smile: "Sorry, let you go through such a danger, I never thought things would develop to such an extent, we actually considered the actual situation of similar factory owners and coal mine owners, gave some help and transitional programs, who knows.." Formulating a plan is one thing, and implementing it is another. When air pollution control becomes extremely urgent and all aspects are under great pressure, the emergence of "one size fits all" is not surprising.. Crane sighed and laughed at himself: "Don't worry too much about my feelings. I've been in more dangerous situations than this in the past." On the surface, he was talking about what happened to him when he was doing business in Siberan on the southern continent, but in fact, he recalled Megaos, who gave birth to the children of evil gods, the horrible meteorite falling from the sky, Cynthia, who wanted to give birth to Admiral Emilius, and the angel of the Rose School and the monster of the Spirit Order, who caused the collapse of the mountain outside the city of Baiam. Compared with these,Glass Cream Jars, what had just happened was like a drop of rain falling in the air, and there was no need to care about it at all. Considering the existence of Hugh, Miss Magician's two bodyguards and Hazel, Crane did not even make a move, but did the normal evasion of experienced people. The focus of his concern is whether this will be followed by a "rainstorm". Macht sighed and nodded: "I can see that you are very calm." I used to be a little skeptical about what you said, but now I really believe it. All right, Dawn, let's go back separately and leave the rest to the police. If it's necessary to take a statement, they'll come to your house to finish it. Crane nodded and said to the Macht family: "You pay attention to the safety of the follow-up." Senator Macht nodded solemnly and sighed again: "This happened as soon as Baekeland's social season began.." Cherish the present peace. Baekeland's social season is marked by the return of the Lords, which seems to have started only last weekend.. And there have been two incidents in a row this week, the framing of Baron Sindras, the attack on Senator Macht.. Without stopping, Crane walked to his carriage with his valet, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,oil dropper bottle, Richardson, who was obviously a little frightened. Sitting up and watching the view recede from the window, Crane breathed silently and half closed his eyes. For the time being, he had no way to judge whether the attack had the participation of extraordinary forces, because all the links could be done by ordinary people, and the middle-aged man's reasons were sufficient-it did not need to be deliberately falsified. Klein believed that Baekeland was not the only former factory owner or unemployed employee who had similar experiences. The only thing that made him feel problematic was why the target of the attack was Macht? Although the MP is indeed a supporter and advocate of air pollution control, often making speeches in Parliament and giving interviews to newspapers from time to time, he is by no means the most high-profile person in the process of introducing the bill. In contrast, members of the "Royal Air Pollution Investigation Committee" are more likely to be selected as targets of retaliation. Crane leaned against the wall of the box and slowly opened his eyes, only to see that the night outside the window was deep, the clouds were overlapping, and the raindrops were falling rapidly. Once again, he felt the whirlpool growing bigger and more intense under the calm water of Baekeland. Withdrawing his thoughts, Crane raised his left palm slightly and touched his pocket. It contained something that appeared to be from Frank. Li's reply and mushrooms of unknown variety 。 Crane, eager to return home, would enter the fog and use the newly acquired mushrooms to communicate with "wriggling hunger" so that he could use the seal again-in the case of a storm brewing, he believed that it was necessary for him to regain his peak fighting ability as soon as possible, and in this regard, "wriggling hunger" was indispensable. Unfortunately, he was accompanied by two extraordinary bodyguards, who had to try not to go above the fog recently. Obviously do not need to protect, but spent hundreds of pounds to invite two people who restrict my actions to come over, is really a rich man's helplessness ah. Crane sighed in his heart and picked up the black tea that Richardson had just made. He took a sip, and the muscles of his face tightened a little, and then stretched again. Crane looked down and saw that the lemon slices in the black tea were twice as many as normal. He glanced at Richardson next to him without a trace, and saw that the valet's expression was a little absent-minded, as if he was still immersed in the shock of the attack. As timid as ever. Crane commented in his heart and put the bone China teacup in his hand on the table. Late at night, 39 Burklund Street, home of Councillor Macht. Hazel sat in front of the dressing table, looking at the gray mouse squatting on the powder box, and said in silence for a long time: Did my father do something wrong? What he pushed was clearly a good thing. "Nothing is good for everyone. There are always losers. At this time, the corresponding bill or plan should be considered, remedied and helped. If your father has done this, the problem is not on him, on the contrary, it shows that he is cruel." The mouse said perfunctorily. Hazel thought about it carefully for a few seconds, relaxed her expression, and turned to say: "During dinner, I noticed a very valuable item hidden in a cabinet in the box, but when I opened it later, I found nothing." The mouse was stunned for a moment and said thoughtfully: That may be, Dawn.. Dantès' bodyguard 。“ He had recently been involved in a suicide case,Glass Cosmestic Containers, allegedly involving Baron Sindras, and it was normal to hire bodyguards for covert protection. Uh The bodyguard in the cupboard may also have supernatural powers and carry magical objects, so you sensed it. 。