The man walked along, looking at the ground with his eyelids down. He was holding a long, narrow, dark box in his hands. Roddy frowned slightly-the other side was obviously ready, but did not know what he meant by this move. Do you want to find someone to fight with you? Embarrass yourself by defeating yourself on the ground in front of the diplomatic envoys of the various kingdoms of Roland? It's a little possible.. After all, the crown prince seems to be against the peace talks. Young people are angry and want to take this opportunity to vent, which is also a normal state of mind. Yawen smiled deliberately and shouted, "The count is young and promising, and he is a warrior.". I really admire it in my heart. I've always been good at martial arts. He likes to collect some weapons on weekdays. This is a sharp sword I found a month ago, no matter how strong the weapon is, it can be cut off! Would the count be interested in tasting it together? Although he pretended to ask, he had already opened the box by himself and took a sword in his hand. This is a standard cross sword used by Roland Knights in the traditional sense, with a sharp inverted triangle from the head of the sword. There is a blood groove on the sword! The mouth is inlaid with a few unknown gems, shining with brilliant brilliance! Roddy saw at a glance that the gems were probably a little bright. Most of them are blessed by magic! The blade was sharp, with a faint blue light, and it was obviously a well-tempered weapon. And the style of the body of the sword is quite a bit of primitive flavor, let people see at a glance that this sword must have some extraordinary origin! Especially on the hilt of the sword, there was a faint yellow color, which made it look old. And in Roddy's experience, that faint yellow is definitely not an ordinary wink-it's blood! It was after countless blood soaking, blood has soaked the hilt of the sword, can not scrub off, naturally out of the wink! This is obviously not an ordinary sword, but a real killing weapon that has experienced life-and-death fighting! "What does the count think of this sword?" The crown prince deliberately flicked his fingers gently on the edge of the sword,Carbon in Pulp, and the sword immediately made a clear and low sound. Roddy sighed and said with a straight face, "Good sword!" Yawen looked at Roddy's eyes with satisfaction, and his face showed some color. He said, "In order to get this sword, I spent three years looking for it, and spent tens of thousands of gold coins to buy it from others!"! Speaking of this sword, it has a lot of background! At this point, he deliberately stopped, looked at Roddy, then at Seth, as if waiting for the other side to ask. It's just that he's showing off, but he's barking up the wrong tree. Who is Roddy? What kind of weapon hasn't he seen? Not to mention the legendary artifacts such as "Dracula's Spear" and "Deicide Bow", gold shaking table ,gold CIP machine, even the Dragon Tooth Sword and the Dragon Curse Scimitar are unique treasures! As for Seth, this guy has not been very interested in this kind of sword playing since he was a child. Whether a sword is good or bad, he has no interest at all. Seeing that the two men just nodded and did not ask, Yawen seemed a little embarrassed. Fortunately, the old prime minister was a sensible man. He immediately lent a step to the crown prince and asked, "I don't know the magical origin of your Highness's sword." As soon as he opened his mouth, the crown prince was rescued. Yawen looked at him with a little gratitude and then said, "In the history of Roland, there have been ninety-six paladins in the temple!"! Each of these paladins is a master of the age! And this sword is the weapon used by the most legendary paladin in the history of Roland, who is known as the strongest paladin in hundreds of years! Yavin deliberately made a mysterious appearance, but Roddy's reaction was also calm-Paladin? The Paladin has killed four of his own. I don't see anything powerful. What's so great about the weapons they use? Seth and Roddy didn't know the history of Roland, but the old prime minister knew it. He couldn't help showing some surprise in his eyes. He couldn't help saying, "Your Highness, you're not talking about that.." Yawen nodded with a straight face and lowered his voice. "That's the paladin from hundreds of years ago!"! It was the guy who claimed to be the strongest paladin in hundreds of years, but was finally removed from the temple and personally defeated the other two paladins who were chasing him, who claimed to be the "Centennial Shame of the Temple"! Roddy finally had some interest: "Temple shame?"? Your Highness, the experience of the paladin you mentioned seems to be somewhat unusual! Even Seth couldn't help being a little curious. Yawen's expression was serious, but his voice was lowered, and his eyes turned to the "Miss Nicole" next to him. He said in an ingratiating whisper: "This matter has always been a story that can't be avoided in the temple, just because it once made the temple lose face! Speaking of the knight, hundreds of years ago, he was recognized as the first master in the land of Roland! Once went to the Warcraft Forest alone to hunt countless advanced Warcraft, and even went to the Dragon Clan Territory alone, and retreated completely! But then.. At this point, Yawen was a little vague and continued: "Later, because of something, the paladin had a conflict with the temple and betrayed the temple alone!"! Angrily, the Council of the temple ordered him to be hunted down and executed for apostasy, and sent two other paladins! However, the two paladins were defeated by him, and as a result, the Lord disappeared! This incident had a great impact at that time. One of the three paladins in the temple rebelled, the other two were defeated, and the other temple lost face! So for a long time, this story has been kept secret by the temple. At this point, His Highness Yawen said proudly, "This sword is the weapon used by the master in those days. It took me countless twists and turns to get it!" Roddy was so curious that he couldn't help asking, "Your Highness, I don't know the name of the strongest paladin you mentioned?" His Highness Yawen took a deep breath, as if with a faint reverence,small gold wash plant, and said slowly, "His name is Tianlie!" "Cough! Cough!" As soon as Roddy heard the name, he didn't hold his breath and coughed violently. Blasphemy Volume Chapter 236 Provocation.