Tang Chuchu immediately wilted, she secretly pulled open the elastic band of her pants in the quilt, and then desperately found that Zhao Qing was very friendly and even changed it for her, and immediately pulled the quilt to cover her whole head into the quilt. Zhao Qing went back to their home last night, Tiansheng Jiayuan, which was very close to their hospital. It took him twenty minutes to go back and forth. Tang Chuchu had not finished hanging a bottle of water. He changed his dirty clothes and brought her clean clothes by the way. After all, Tang Chuchu had the habit of kicking the quilt when sleeping. She was wearing a miniskirt. Did she want the doctor who made rounds tomorrow morning to spray nosebleeds? For the sake of the physical and mental health of his colleagues, he took the trouble to change her clothes inside and outside in the middle of the night, but he never looked at her more than once, not because he was a gentleman, but because he always felt a little angry during this period of time, afraid that one more look would do something harmful to professional ethics. But Tang Chuchu did not cooperate, in fact, she still closed her eyes with an irritable look on her face, kept moving, and naturally the smooth arms and legs would always inadvertently bump into Zhao's palm, which directly caused Dr. Zhao to change his black face and plan to leave. However, an ex-wife turned over and muttered, "Husband, sleep in your arms." Originally, Zhao Qing was going to tease her with this sentence,coltan ore processing, but looking at her behavior of getting into the quilt at this time, she still didn't intend to say what happened last night. She just cleared her throat and dropped a sentence: "I'm waiting for you outside. You finish tidying up and go to dinner." Tang Chuchu heard the footsteps gradually away, just a long sigh of relief, poked her head out, looked at the time on the mobile phone, it was already noon, she actually slept all morning, really put this home,tin beneficiation plant, when she got up to see the needle on the back of her hand, silently read a "Mamma Mia", can not drink like this in the future, if not for Zhao Qing last night, she estimated that she would fall. Zhao Qing also brought her daily necessities. After washing, she tied her hair behind her head, revealing a clean and clear face, small and round, a little baby face. When Zhao Qing was in a good mood, she always called her "little kid", but she hadn't heard this long-lost name for a long time. She walked out of the ward. At the end of the corridor, Zhao put his hands in the pockets of his white coat and stood at the door of the digestive physician's office chatting with people. From time to time, the little nurses passing by called him delicately, "Hello, Dr. Zhao." Zhao Qing always nodded slightly, portable gold wash plant ,sodium cyanide price, polite but not superfluous heat. It was not until Tang Chuchu came to him in his hospital gown that he said hello to the doctor inside: "You are busy, I will go to dinner." Then he took Tang Chuchu downstairs and walked to the hospital canteen behind him. This is the first time that Tang Chuchu came to Zhao Qing's hospital seriously. He used to wait for him at the gate at most. The General Hospital of the Army is really magnificent, and the greening is also very good. The warm sunshine at noon is very pleasant. Zhao Qing beside him is wearing a reassuring white coat, which makes Tang Chuchu feel proud of the family members of the workers, although the family members of the workers should add the word "front". She said to Zhao Qing politely, "Thank you for last night. I had a stomachache. I've never had one before. I felt dizzy because of the pain. By the way, did the doctor say what happened to me?" Zhao Qing took one look at her, hesitated to speak, and then dropped a sentence: "Let's talk while eating later." This sentence let Tang Chuchu's heart missed a beat, what situation can not be said directly? And do psychological construction? Chapter 4 Tang Chuchu's face was pale and his head was buzzing, thinking of the seriousness of Zhao Qing standing at the door of the ward and talking to other doctors in the morning. Is she suffering from some incurable disease? Think of this Tang Chuchu suddenly weak legs, God do not want to play tricks on her, she just divorced ah, have not enjoyed a free life, this Nima is made what kind of evil ah? The oncoming several accompanying doctors greeted Zhao Qing with a smile: "Doctor Zhao, just eat, is this your patient?" Zhao glanced at Tang Chuchu and said with a faint smile, "No, she's me.." "Sister." Tang Chuchu said in front of him, why would she blurt out, because she was afraid of Zhao Qing to say the word "ex-wife". She was afraid of the strange and critical eyes of the doctors opposite, and she did not like to be looked at like this by strangers, so the group laughed and said, "Your sister is very cute, and she really looks like you." “……” Tang Chuchu also did not know this group of doctors on this look is how to see a doctor for people, she and Zhao Qing where like? Don't couples look more and more alike? But they don't have time to synchronize their looks in this marriage cycle, do they? As soon as the doctors left, Zhao Qing looked at her sideways: "Sister?"? My genes aren't that bad. “……” Tang Chuchu was rejected alive, but their Tang family genes are not bad ah, coward good her parents are university professors, but her grades are a little general, that is, generally also by their own strength admitted to Ningda. It's just that her character is more Buddha-like, and a lot of things are almost done, such as study, exams, and work. If Zhao Qing is the kind of person who can devote 120% of her energy, she is at most 80%. This is probably the gap between them. There were a lot of people in the canteen at noon. Zhao Qing found a seat for her to sit first. Then Tang Chuchu saw him run directly to the back kitchen. The canteen was a staff canteen. All the people who came to eat were doctors and nurses from our hospital. Tang Chuchu was sitting there in a hospital gown. It was obviously out of place. Then she soon thought of the heavy question. What was wrong with her? At the thought of this, Tang Chuchu felt that his stomach was a little tight again. People often have this kind of psychological hint. The more they feel that there is something wrong with them, the more they will feel that there is something wrong. After a while, Zhao Qing directly brought out a bowl of hot millet porridge, and did not know how he got it, sent it to Tang Chuchu, and he went to get a meal and sat opposite her. After a one-day tour of the canteen, Tang Chuchu found that Liu Jiayi was really right. A surgeon like Zhao Qing was surrounded by a group of small nurses all day long. Wherever he went, people greeted him, and all of them were as active as raw meat. Tang Chuchu knew that he and Zhao Qing had divorced, and should put his mind right,Carbon in Pulp, and should not be the same as when he went to school, always staring at Yingying and Yanyan beside him, so he forced himself to lower his head and sip porridge. ore-magnetic-mining.com