In order to earn money to support so many people's families, the original owner will also support three children to go to college in the future, so the original owner will only return to his hometown during the holidays, just to save a little money that is nothing in the eyes of others. Because the two sides often do not see each other, for this so-called father who only appears during the Spring Festival, several children only regard the original owner as an ordinary relative, even though they have the closest blood relationship. The original owner also knew that the children's attitude towards him was not right, and he also wanted to improve their relationship, but the original owner did not go to school when he was a child, and did not continue to study after finishing primary school, and the family conditions at that time did not allow the original owner to continue to study. So in the face of the children's alienation, the original owner knew that he should do something, but he just didn't know how to communicate with the children correctly and how to make them feel his father's love for them. After all, the original owner's own father treated the children as he did now. In addition, the original owner was born in the countryside and suffered enough from illiteracy, so he deeply hoped that his children would be admitted to university in the future, and finally find a good and stable job, instead of working as a coolie in the construction site as he is now. Although it is good for the original owner to have such expectations for the child, the way the original owner educates the child is really inappropriate, because the original owner pursues stick education,gold heap leaching, that is to say, when the child is not obedient, it will be better to beat him. It happened that Yan Xiuqi, the second son of the original owner, loved to play when he was a teenager, and he did not like to study at ordinary times, which was one of the lessons of the original owner's stick education. After being beaten in public by the original owner in disgrace, Yan Xiuqi rebelled and dropped out of school and ran away from home. Finally,Portable gold trommel, he was found by Yan Hongzhi and persuaded to go home, probably because he was the eldest brother that Yan Xiuqi had always admired, and Yan Xiuqi had always been a follower of him. Although he was persuaded to go home, the knot between Yan Xiuqi and the original owner was completely formed. The original owner tried hard to save the tense relationship between the two people, but in the end there was nothing he could do. This is a contradiction between the original owner and his second son. As for why Yan Hongzhi, as the most mature and stable eldest brother in the family, would finally make trouble with the original owner like this? This is mainly attributed to the death of the original owner's mother. The original owner's father died when he was about 40 years old, so the original owner was brought up by his mother later. Because of the hard work over the years, the original owner's mother's health was not very good, not to mention that she had to help the owner take care of all kinds of things for his three children at home. When Yan Hongzhi was in high school, the body of the original owner's mother finally died. As the oldest child in the family, Yan Hongzhi quickly called the original owner and wanted him to go home quickly to see his grandmother for the last time. After all, when his grandmother was dying, she was still talking about her son, chrome washing machine ,Portable gold trommel, whom she had not seen for a long time. As a result, Yan Hongzhi could not find the original owner. Finally, Yan Hongzhi's grandmother's funeral and other matters were completed with the help of many relatives in the village, and Yan Hongzhi, because the original owner did not want to come home to see her when his beloved grandmother died, so after this time, he was completely unilaterally alienated from the original owner, and no longer recognized the identity of the original owner as his grandmother's only son. I don't think the original owner is the father of the three brothers and sisters. In fact, when the original owner's mother died, the original owner also had difficulties. At that time, when the original owner was working at the construction site, because of the improper operation of the workers next to him, there was an accident in the construction site, which directly caused the original owner to break his right leg and was sent to the hospital. As a result, the mother of the original owner died that night. When Yan Hongzhi called the original owner, he had just finished the operation, the anesthesia had not failed, and he was in a coma. Fortunately, the boss of the original owner, for the sake of working for him for many years, directly and generously undertook the medical expenses of the original owner, which made the original owner cure his leg smoothly. After two months, the original owner was finally allowed to get out of bed and walk around, but he could not exercise too long, and he had to take good care of himself. When the original owner knew that he could finally get out of bed and walk a little, he immediately caught a train home. It's just that it's too late at this point. The mother of the original owner died long ago, and Yan Hongzhi was completely disappointed with the original owner and refused to forgive his so-called father any more. Because the original owner was in a hurry to go home, walking too many reasons, so the original owner's leg injury has not been cured, after all, the injury has been broken for a hundred days! Since then, every rainy weather, the original owner of the injured part of the right leg will be dull pain, as if there are thousands of ants gnawing in general. As for Yan Yunlan, the youngest daughter of the original owner, the reason why she did not become the intimate little cotton-padded jacket of the original owner is much simpler. Because of the existence of Yan Yunlan, the original owner's wife died of dystocia, so the original owner's attitude towards Yan Yunlan has always been the most complex, he resented each other for killing her mother, his wife, and because she was the only daughter of the original owner and uncontrollably wanted to care about each other, under the influence of these antagonistic emotions, The original owner finally simply came to Yan Yunlan out of sight and left her to her grandmother. Therefore, Yan Yunlan naturally never felt the fatherly love of the original owner, and because of the attitude of her two brothers towards the original owner,manganese beneficiation plant, she was never intimate with the original owner. This is the reason why the original owner was alienated from all his children in his previous life. The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated the nutrient solution. Thanks to the little angel who threw [landmine]: Huahua ~ 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 84 the male God anchor is uncle 3. Even under the education of the unqualified father of the original owner, the three brothers and sisters finally lived a very good life.