In terms of the proportion of casualties, the proportion of casualties is one to ninety. As a price, the Han army consumed more than eight hundred thousand arrows, almost thirty arrows to achieve a result. Because the Han army in the battlefield in the situation of advancing, launched arrows can be recovered, in fact, did not consume as much as eight hundred thousand. Non-recyclable arrows is a minority, the Han army within three days of the loss of arrows is only about sixty thousand. Han army this kind of slow tactics will let the onlookers feel boring, for a three is all over the body are uncomfortable. Three is not tried to counterattack, they summoned up the greatest courage, cry out to recapture the camp occupied by the Han army, in the face of the Han army arrow array is repeatedly charged on the way down two or three out of ten, people have not been close to the Han army within a hundred meters just summoned up the courage has long ago. A three people are often rushed to half and dejected to flee back, ran back and was shot three or four out of ten, even the hair of the Han army soldiers did not touch a root, a charge of thousands of people left less than half back shivering. Not a three people incompetent, is the combination of the bow and crossbow of the Han army is really too terrible. Tracing back for hundreds of years, as once the strongest nomadic Huns in the Asian continent, they assembled hundreds of thousands of troops to besiege a joint civilian and auxiliary soldiers add up to only five thousand people (west) Han army, the two sides continue to change the site, and after the encirclement war, the Huns fell tens of thousands of people also how (west) Han army not, Behind or that (west) the Han army arrow consumption did not let the war have the final result. History has repeatedly proved that, whether in a battle or in a defensive battle, once there are enough crossbowmen and arrows in reserve, they are invincible and rock-solid, especially on the premise of occupying the advantage of range, it does not mean that people who dare to die can change the direction of war, nor that the aggressor (defender) is brave or not. What determines war is when the arrows are exhausted. We have more than eight million arrows in reserve! Huan Wen did not talk nonsense, the real number is like this: "Come here is to fight the war of national destruction!" This is an expeditionary force, belongs to the standing army of the Han army only sixty thousand people, the number of county soldiers reached eighty thousand, with eighty thousand of the various models of crossbow machine, different tension bow has one hundred and twenty thousand. Only counting the number of crossbows and bows, anyone can operate the crossbow, it is difficult to pull the bow and shoot accurately, but it is not difficult to pull the string and shoot. Crossbow is mechanical, it is not difficult to operate, it is easy to learn. Want to be a qualified crossbow soldier, the difficulty is to learn in a variety of different passwords, according to the requirements of each password to carry out throwing, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,Precision steel tubes, flat shooting, accumulation shooting, diffusion, that is, difficult to execute the password above. Operating a bow is much more difficult than operating a crossbow. Although it is only a bow in one hand and an arrow in the other, how to hold the bow, how to pull the string and how to loosen the string and how to cooperate with the arrow to be shot in an instant, and whether the angle and stability of the bow will determine how far it can shoot and whether it can shoot accurately. Archers also need to know how to follow commands to shoot different arrows, which is far more complex than crossbowmen. In this way, it is a matter of course that archers are far more difficult to train than crossbowmen. For example, to throw, because the crossbow is held by the crossbowman, its string tension is determined by the machine, only need to know how many angles to lift is enough. But archers, they not only have to control the strength and range of the string, but also the angle of the bow. If they make a slight mistake, the distance they shoot will not meet the requirements. It's full of knowledge! Yulian before really didn't deliberately observe the archer is a how to return a responsibility, listen to the Han army officers keep shouting out listen to the very complicated password, and then see the Han army archers according to the password for archery, different commands out of the arrow flying angle is not the same: "we are not good at archery is not because the soldiers can't do such a complicated thing?" For Rome, which had no regular archers, no Roman could answer Iulian's question. The Persians on the sidelines were equally shocked. In the history of the Persians, there have always been regular archers, who used to rely on archers to run through Central and Western Asia, and even rubbed them on the ground in the early days of the Romans. There is a saying that the reason why the Romans developed the tortoise shell array was forced by the Persians, and then it was clear that the Persian archery had no effect on the Roman legions that formed the tortoise shell array, but the Persians still did not change their tactics, and the balance of victory in the war between the Romans and the Persians was tilted to the Romans. Persians are very good at playing archery, they also have their own arrow array culture, that is, there is no special armor-piercing arrow developed in the long history, and then ignore the same archers also need to match the style of far and near, and even many times did not think that archers also need elite close combat troops to guard. They stay in the position of the three camps, the Han army and as steady as a few days ago, the first arrow rain cover clearance, sent a small force to test, three let the camp to continue to advance. Time moves backward, the battlefield moves forward, what has changed is that the number of crossbowmen used by the Han army is decreasing, and archers take the place of crossbowmen. We are now within two (Roman) miles of the camp from the western end of the camp line. Flavis looked around and saw a chaotic camp, which was six miles deep according to the length unit of the Han army: "I found that the resistance will of the Xindu people had been disintegrated, and most of the camps only retreated after a round of arrows." "Yes." Iulian frowned and said, "We think the Faithful have lost the will to resist, but General Serris has asked us not to go any further." Ksieas leaned over and said mysteriously, "I got the news that a nobleman of Hierro fell into a pit carelessly. He shouted loudly and led him away. There were dozens of believers hidden in it." There is no doubt that the noble of Hierro is dead,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, hiding in the hole dug out of those a San is found, it is enough to explain a problem, a San actually played a strategy! Both Julian and Flavis were stunned and subconsciously looked around for places where there might be underground space.