Really stay at home, Bian Yinduo does not do any housework, the reason is that she can not do it. Her parents are partial to her, that's all. But feel that she always unlearned to stay at home is not a thing, after Bian Yinhua has a formal job, parents asked Bian Yinduo to take up the work of selling popsicles, want to ask her to exercise for a few years, to 16 years old, to find her a formal job. However, Bian Yinduo did not want to sell popsicles, saying that when she stood in the street and met her classmates, she could not save face. Parents say that early exercise is good for your future. Bian Yinduo groaned or said no. Arrived, it was elder sister Bian Yinhua's performance of getting angry, which made her have to go. After selling popsicles for a few days, she groaned that she couldn't stand the sun, and every day she was dizzy and nauseous. When she said this, she also showed it in her appearance. Every day when she came back from selling popsicles, her feet were filled with lead, and she could not lift her steps. Her feet were rubbing the ground, rubbing her steps, and she was about to fall. When he entered the house, he first fell on the bed, curled up in a ball,cosmetic plastic tube, and soon fell asleep. When she was told to eat, she said she was sick and couldn't eat. Looking at her weak appearance, her parents thought that after all, her physique could not catch up with that of her eldest brother. If she went on like this, she would not be able to stand it. At that time, don't really toss her body out of order. The parents persuaded Bian Yinhua, the eldest, not to ask her to sell popsicles. Asked what she wanted to do, she said that she was tired of doing anything,empty cosmetic tubes, she could not do it, she wanted to go back to school. She said that her parents were right to think that she would have to spend a few more years at school before she could work when she was strong enough. In this way, she went back to school, starting from the first day of junior high school. Because she is at least two years older than this year's graduates, there is a generation gap, so it is difficult for her to talk to her classmates. Fortunately, her younger sister Bian Yincao, who is one year younger than her, is in the same school with her, and she can have a companion when she goes to and from school. Her old students can not keep up with the pace of new students learning, junior high school she has been a downstream student in the class, junior high school graduates, she did not enter high school. I went home to be unemployed. When she was seventeen, it was time to work. Looking for a job is the heart of her parents and Bian Yinhua, the eldest child who took part in the work. They cast a net to collect recruitment information and go through the back door. Soon, people from his father's unit introduced Bian Yinduo to the meat factory. She went, tube lip gloss ,cosmetic tube, and the factory assigned her to the division workshop. After working for more than half a month, she couldn't stand it, saying that she couldn't get used to the smell of fresh raw meat, and that her hands and body were greasy all day, which made her lose her appetite for food. She was determined not to do it. Her parents accommodated her. Not long after that, the second uncle, the third aunt, and the eldest sister all introduced her to several jobs, including electricians, riveters, and bus conductors. When the person in charge of recruiting electricians and riveters saw her, he thought she was weak and said that she looked like she couldn't work, so he eliminated her; Bus conductor, although light, but people do not want her, saying that she is less than 1.5 meters tall, from their requirements of 1.60 meters, too far away. Only then did she feel how limited her conditions were and ask others to choose her. When the grief was over, she took out her resentment on her parents, and the mother could only sigh and say that it was not up to us to decide what kind of life to give birth to, but that God had given it to her. You are not short of arms, legs and eyes, and there is no misfortune. A month later, her neighbor introduced her to a spare parts processing factory, and she entered the lathe workshop. All day long in the workshop, the car was cutting, and she stuffed her ears with cotton balls, and the sound of screaming hit her eardrums. She complained constantly, and she didn't have to tell anyone. From time to time, she began to talk to herself, just like Xianglinsao. The teacher who took her was not used to her nagging, so he stopped her mouth severely. No longer nagging, she was frightened to give up her job because a worker had broken his finger in a car. She smacked her lips and said that she almost fainted when she saw the blood. If it were herself, she would be scared to death. Speaking of it, she looked like she was still in shock. The family thought that the lathe worker was also in danger. She was timid and could not handle it well. Maybe one day the car would break her hand, and she would not do it. A few days later, her mother asked her if she wanted to go to the woolen mill where she worked. She shook her head and said she didn't want to go. She had seen her mother working and said that they had been standing and working in shifts. Her body must be unbearable. Bian Yinhua, the eldest, saw that she always had a reason to be picky. She said angrily, "Your body is your body. We are made of iron. If others can do it, you can do it!"! You are lazy, you pick, just want to stay at home, sooner or later you will suffer, not starve to death or idle to death! Bian Yinduo was wronged and burst into tears. "Who told me that I was born weak? I was not as healthy as you!" She chirped in the same old way! Bian Yinhua said sarcastically to her, "Why don't you get sick when you are weak?"! Eat well, you eat in the front, work you run to the back, eat without pulling, be careful really sick ah! Bian Yinduo sobbed and hummed back, and Bian Yinhua was naturally unrelenting. The two men,metal cosmetic tubes, one weak and one strong, quarreled. Finally, he was persuaded by his mother. Bian Yinhua said angrily that she would never help her find a job. Her virtue was not enough to humiliate her. Bian Yinhua did what she said and really didn't care about her.