The betrothal gift money was taken away by He Peier, which had nothing to do with her. But in the end, He Peier gave Hu Cuiying one hundred yuan, which made her jealous. Her mother was still her own aunt. If she wanted to show filial piety, she had to show filial piety to her aunt first. As a result, she didn't even say a word. He Peier would have laughed to death if she had known that she had such a strange idea in her mind. Now, seeing that her cousin was too angry to speak, she bent her mouth and said, "Aunt, cousin, I'll go to your house later. Now I have to go in and help my mother-in-law weigh the food. Her eyes are not good. I have to watch her." She would come and sit down later. He Zhaodi panicked and quickly pulled his daughter away. As he walked, he said, "Peier, I have to dig the mountains later. I won't go home at noon. You can come back another day." Cut, said to go to her house to run faster than the rabbit, is not afraid to eat in her house, there is such a stingy relative is absolutely. "He Peier shook her head, thinking to herself that her family were all so excellent. In the final analysis, it was just one word." Poor. In the house, the ugly mother-in-law did not let Uncle Zou weigh the grain, the money was not on her,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, she was also waiting for He Peier to come and make decisions. He Peier was going to spend all the twenty yuan she had brought with her, and she didn't have a soft hand when she wanted things. She bought half of the coarse grain and half of the fine grain. She also asked Uncle Zou to buy a piece of bacon. Finally, she wanted ten catties of white flour, but Uncle Zou's family didn't have enough, so she went to the village head's house to buy it. Vegetable seeds these are their own stay, Zou uncle is good, did not receive money to send her, later heard her say to rent oxcarts to Hejian village to buy jars,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, also smiled to take the business. He Peier looked at Uncle Zou, who was also very honest, and added some money to ask him to help buy it back, but she did not go. Hejian Village is next to Shiwan Primary School, and I met Wu Congjun, the scum man, when I got there. It's not that I'm afraid to see him, but that I'm annoyed to see him. Things have been bought, the money on the body has basically been spent clean, behind the ugly mother-in-law and he Peier went to the mill of the production team, corn and millet have to be ground. Corn only need to grind some on the line, the process is not big, buy millet to shell some trouble, two people are busy until almost noon did not do a good job. The ugly mother-in-law saw that it was getting late, Self-closing Shower Valve ,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, so she drove Ho Pei-erh to go first, and here she finished her work and went back herself. He Peier knew that she had Xia Lin in mind, nodded and took some of the ground things back first. It would take half an hour to go back from here, carrying dozens of pounds of things on her back, and by the time she got home, she was already tired. The door was half closed. He Peier first put her things in the doorway and reached out to move the door to the side. The family was so poor that even the door was replaced by a wooden board. It was very annoying to look at it. She had to repair the door in two days. Xia Lin was still sitting under the window, and when he saw her coming back, he finally turned around. "Where's my mother-in-law?" The man finally spoke to himself, and his voice was as thick and low as he remembered. He Peier froze for a moment. "There's still grain to grind. Let me come back first." Got the answer, Xia Lin kept the posture before staring out of the window in a daze, he Peier's mouth twitched, turned to pack things to go. In her previous life, she particularly disliked his temperament, which had nothing to do with himself. She treated himself as air. Sometimes she would not say a word to herself for half a month. If he hadn't thought clearly, she would have been a fool. Chapter 015 golden thighs. It took more than half an hour to make lunch with sticky red rice porridge, two pancakes fried with lard, and a plate of fat and lean steamed bacon. He Peier brought things to the table, thinking that the ugly mother-in-law did not come back so soon, so he took a bowl and put some cakes and meat out of the pot to warm them. I don't know if the meat has aroused the greedy insects in my stomach. As soon as the things were put away, Xia Lin washed his hands and sat down at the table. Although the man sat down at the table, his eyebrows were wrinkled, and then he said something that made him want to use foul language. I don't eat fat. How charming this man must be! Now in this age, fat meat is more expensive than lean meat, and he doesn't eat fat meat. He Peier was so angry that he was speechless. He dared to spend money to buy meat back. Besides, it was not all fat. She had to refine the whole fat meat. She was reluctant to eat it at all. Forget it. It doesn't make any sense with this nerd. He Peier pulled the plate of meat in front of him and ordered some thin noodles. "Then you can eat the cake." This cake is also fried with lard. If you don't eat it, you can only eat porridge. But the man did not resist the cake. He Peier saw him chewing the cake carefully in his mouth, but his eyes were always aiming at the meat plate. He laughed in his heart. He said he didn't want to eat it. In fact, he was so greedy that he thought he couldn't eat meat and fish for a long time in this family. No matter how charming he was, he couldn't help it. After laughing, he Peier took out a pair of chopsticks and picked out some thin ones for him. At least he was his nominal husband. He couldn't be harsh. And if the ugly mother-in-law knew about it, she would surely be scolded. Xia Lin is not polite, she picked a piece of him to eat a piece, although there is more or less a little fat on it, but compared to the greasy feeling that makes him uncomfortable, the long-lost meat flavor can make him more satisfied. She can take out her own money to buy things for the family, and she is not a selfish person. He Peier could not imagine that she was praised repeatedly in the heart of her autistic husband, and she had no time to pay attention to it. After dinner, she found a sickle and went to clean up the two plots of land next to the house. This land should be the wasteland of the ugly mother-in-law, but it has not been planted for many years. There are grass half a man's height in the field, even saplings. These two pieces of land can not be done for a while and a half, he Peier is not anxious, leisurely doing, mouth also slowly humming a song. They are all unknown tunes, including pop songs from previous lives and singing plays learned in acrobatic troupes. God can give her a chance to do it again, her heart can be happy, although she is still married like a previous life, but these are temporary,Flush Retrofit Kit, sooner or later one day she will go out of here, go to the city to open up a beautiful world, live a happy life.