Of course, if he knew this kind of mentality of Li Mo and Jiao Hua, he would have the impulse to vomit blood directly from internal injuries. Since Li Mo insists on this, then he will not argue with it, let him go. At the worst, if he doesn't do it well, he will do it himself. Li Mo: Although 001 did not say what she thought at all, she did not have to say it at all. Her mind was clear, and all of it was shown in her innocent eyes. What about this bear child who seems to be spoiled and indulged by her, that is, the horn? How could it not be maddening? Li Mo took a deep breath and pressed the emotions in his heart. He calmly explained the matter to the teacher. And Xiang Hua simply can not deny, she is not really so stupid, but did not think Li Mo will stand on the side of 001. Even if others see so what, forced to home, who will tell the truth? When the time comes, it will be easy to reverse black and white to China. Obviously Li Mo is very indifferent to Lin Wanting, who knows he will protect her at the critical time? This is also to let others understand that Li Mo is not as ruthless as he showed to Lin Wanting. This matter is very easy to solve successfully, after 001 and Li Mo have no fruit to talk,american hot tub, are listening carefully. Only after class, Li Mo waited for her outside for the first time. But after Xun Xun saw, to 001 ambiguous smile, compared a refueling posture to her to leave very quickly. 001 did not care, but after Li Mo saw it, his face stiffened without any trace. By the time 001 arrived in front of him, Li Mo's face had returned to normal. Are you,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, are you all right? Li Mo looks at Lin Wanting complicatedly, he has no way not be such mood, it is a long story all the time. Li Mo wanted to say another thing to him, but when Lin Wanting stood in front of him and saw her beautiful face and petite figure, Li Mo realized that no matter what, Lin Wanting was a weak woman who needed good care and love. Therefore, this slightly awkward concern came out of Li Mo's mouth. Li Mo's EQ is not low, such words would not have allowed him to have such a performance. However, when this person is Lin Wanting, Li Mo is unable to behave comfortably in front of him. He blinked, smiled at him and said, "I'm fine, thank you." The smile of 001 let Li Mo's eyes flash uncontrollably, whirlpool hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool, not brilliant and gorgeous, always so soft and soft, but it just penetrated into Li Mo's heart. He turned his eyes slightly away from 001's face. So, don't you have anything to say about the accident in class? Li Mo's voice was steady and his expression did not change, but his hand held his pants tightly. Li Mo does not want to escape, he wants to face directly. Although he was not intentional, Li Mo could not tolerate himself taking advantage of the girl like this. Li Mo's words let 001 slightly confused open his eyes, speak? Say what? I really don't feel that there is anything to say, but Li Mo looks very persistent. Suddenly, she realized that human beings need praise. It turned out that Li Mo was waiting for himself to praise him. So 001 said to Li Mo Tiantian: "You did a good job, you are great, you are really awesome!" Because Li Mo's mind at this time is thinking about those charming things, so there is no doubt that this word let him think crooked. Li Mo:!!! He was completely unable to calm down, and his whole body was filled with heat. A girl told the boy that he was great and that he was awesome. Li Mo quickly stopped, feeling that he probably needed to clear his head recently. To Lin Wanting's clear and clean eyes, Li Mo felt even more dirty. However, Li Mo thought that every time such a thing, it seemed that he was at sixes and sevens, and his heart was like a deer bump, while Lin Wanting was like a person who had nothing to do. In other words, every time Li Mo himself was shy, but 001 was not affected at all. This made Li Mo's heart suddenly give birth to a wave of anger, and he held 001's hand tightly and uncontrollably. "I just took advantage of you. I didn't mean to. But this has happened more than once. Why didn't you care?" Li Mo broke the jar directly and said all of them, questioning 001. But 001 looked very surprised at his appearance, she really did not feel that Li Mo was taking advantage of himself. This can not help but let 001 sigh in the heart, the male on the earth is really too introverted, it is really a fragile creature that needs her to be careful. Because it's you, it doesn't matter anyway. This is the rule that she should abide by when she does the task. 001 is very sincere to say this sentence to Li Mo. However, she simply did not know, this sentence in Li Mo's heart set off a big storm. The blush spread to Li Mo's whole cheek bit by bit at a speed visible to the naked eye, as if it could burn and smoke. Although Li Mo's expression is still calm, but his eyes are unconsciously become wet up, this is a sign of emotion. Li Mo did not say anything to 001, it should be said that he was defeated by 001's words, and could not say anything. But 001 is looking at Li Mo's back doubtfully, she is always provocative without knowing it. Hi, Wanting, how's it going? When 001 returned to the dormitory, Xun Xun winked at her. Xiang Hua is not here, it is estimated that she has just done that kind of thing is not good to come back, and Xiaoxiao is generally doing a part-time job. It's all right. 001 answer at random. She is very confident in her ability to complete the task,indoor endless pool, and she must be the best. At night, Li Mo lay in bed very early, and he did not fall asleep. Or it should be said that he was upset by Lin Wanting's actions during the day and could not sleep at all. monalisa.com