"Hey, don't be sad, if you don't want to, I won't force you, you just have to be yourself and go back to your previous life," Yi Chi suddenly looked at Ruoxi's eyes and said lightly. Suddenly, Ruoxi recalled the fate of several of his sisters, and suddenly felt a burst of unwillingness. She doesn't want to be controlled by others, she doesn't want to marry a person she doesn't like, she doesn't want her to do everything with the approval of others, she don't want. A lot of unwillingness and unwillingness made her heart suddenly firm. No, master, I can do it. You just watch. I can do it. "Ruoxi looked at Yi Chi firmly and said. Yi Chi could tell from her tone that she was serious this time.". Smiled with satisfaction, Yi Chi is hoping to see such a Ruoxi, this is his apprentice Yi Chi. Thinking of this, Yi Chi could not help but smile and patted Ruoxi on the shoulder and said, "Good job, this is my apprentice of Yi Chi." "Oh, master, are you praising yourself or me?" Ruoxi looked at Yi Chi with a smile and said softly. ……” Yi Chi looked at her grumpily and turned to Raimino and said, "You must remember that anyone who threatens her must be eradicated, but you can't kill her directly. You must give Ruoxi a time to experience. Moreover, you must carefully consider her orders and do them. If necessary, you can refuse." As he spoke, Yi Chi could not help pulling over Raimino and whispered in her ear, "Kill all those who want to get close to her with bad intentions. Remember, destroy their families, cut off their roots, and destroy their souls. I don't want to see any accidents, do you understand?" "Yes, master," Ramino said with a firm look. You go out first,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and I have something to say to her. With that, Yi Chi turned around and walked to Ruoxi's side. He looked at her and said, "Remember, sometimes a person's idea is not necessarily correct. You can ask Raimino. She is a dragon that has survived for thousands of years. Her experience is much richer than yours. But you can't listen blindly. You should have your own ideas, do you know?" "Well, I will," Ruoxi nodded gently and said seriously. All right, I'm relieved. Yi Chi said with a smile of relief. Master, are you leaving? Ruoxi suddenly said with a reluctant face. How interesting Smiling, Yi Chi touched Ruoxi's hair and immediately turned around and said, "Yes, I'm leaving. Don't think about coming to me. When I come back, I'll come to you naturally. Or, when I send someone, you can ask Raimino. She can accept my orders directly." "Master, can you not go?" Ruoxi looked at Yi Chi's back with a reluctant face and bit her lip and said. No, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, "shook his head, Yi Chi did not stay because of Ruoxi's detainment, his future is not here, his world is not here.". Thinking of this, Yi Chi could not help looking back at Ruoxi and said with a smile, "I will come to see you when I am free. Take care of yourself." Said, Yi Chi's body gradually faded down. Master ~ ~ "Ruoxi looked at the place where Yi Chi disappeared with tears on her face, and immediately broke down in tears.". At this time, outside Raimino also came in, looked at Ruoxi a sad look, said lightly: "The master let me tell you, wait for him to come back, when the time comes, he will always be with you." "Really?" Ruoxi suddenly raised her head and said with surprise on her face. That's what the master said. Raimino nodded impassively. Master Ruoxi looked at the sky and suddenly laughed. PS: I was late because I couldn't get into the starting point just now. Sorry. Dou Shen Ruins Chapter 276 Return Chapter 276 return (second watch). The second day out of camp. When Yi Chi opened his eyes in the early morning sunshine, he could not help taking a deep breath. Chi Liang, wake up the big fool. "Yi Chi stood up and said to a lovely red dog lying beside him.". Seen from a distance, the dog is about a foot long and short, with red fur all over its body. Between its eyebrows, a blooming purple lotus flower is emitting mysterious brilliance. Here is the evolution of Chi Liang, the body shape has not changed much, but there is a purple lotus between the eyebrows, looks particularly lovely. After hearing Yi Chi's words, Chi Liang quickly stood up and waved his claws far away to the big green fool who was sleeping soundly on one side. Suddenly, a claw-shaped ripple rippled away and rolled the big green fool's body several times, which dissipated in the air. Bastard Chi Liang, you use this move again. "Green big silly atmosphere to stand up, a face of dissatisfaction to stare at Chi Liang." All right, it's time for us to start. "Yi Chi, regardless of the contradiction between the two beasts, washed directly and then stood up straight and said." Boss, Chi Liang always plays tricks on me. "The big green fool walked to Yi Chi with a face of grievance and said pitifully.". Turning to look at him, Yi Chi turned up the corners of his mouth slightly and looked at him and said, "Then you can play tricks on him next time." With that, Yi Chi picked up Chi Liang and turned to the depths of the forest. Hum, next time I will be able to play tricks on you. "He looked at Chi Liang, who was held by Yi Chi, and said firmly, but the success rate is unknown.". At this time, after three evolutions, Chi Liang has reached the peak strength of the fighting emperor. After turning into a fighting state, he is even more comparable to the peak level of the nine-level Warcraft. The fighting capacity is extremely terrible. With the strength of the big green fool, he can't play tricks on Chi Liang at all. Before he can act, Chi Liang knows in advance. Nevertheless, but the strength of the big green fool is still improving, at least he is getting stronger every day, but not as fast as Chi Liang, with the strength of the big green fool now, it is no problem to single out a fighting emperor, as for the fighting emperor, that is not good. Of the three, Yi Chi's strength is the most intrepid. He has evolved into a two-star demon,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, and his strength has far exceeded the level of the nine-star Dou Emperor, reaching the level of terror, equivalent to a four-star Dou Zun. sxthsteel.com