In the face of the threat, Zhang Fan made a ha-ha, his face was dense, and he spat out: "Don't worry.". After today, your family will be removed from the list. And you. As soon as Zhang Fan pointed to the ancient sword, some people were too busy to avoid it. They were afraid that the terrible sword would burst out, and they would not please the public. "In an instant, only Zhang Fan had a smile in his sarcasm." None of you can escape. Row cylinder In the crowd. Several people immediately turned pale. They thought Zhang Fan was just here for the Huo family. More or less still have a little wait-and-see heart, never thought of his meaning, but is to exterminate. Zhang Fan was patient for ten days and chose to come today. In order to uproot, can come to attend this disgusting wedding, are all with the Huo family relationship, if not catch all, or there will be future trouble. Now that the hand, it is necessary to kill enough! In Zhang Fan's eyes, if there is substance in the cold light, all the people who meet with his eyes are cold. Never doubt his intention to kill again. The voice fell. But he did not wait for people to react. Step forward, step out heavily. I don't see how he moves. It's really a picture scroll, fluttering in the sudden wind. "Wow," the ground spread out, into the infinite sword gas, mountains and rivers world, there are five elements of light, suppress heaven and earth. Ten thousand swords! The picture of ten thousand swords came out and unfolded in a moment, like a huge curtain that covered the sky and the sun, covering the whole island and pressing down slowly. All of a sudden, the wind,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, like a knife, threw itself on his face, as if with the sharp edge of the sword, and several blood stains appeared. Awful "He really wants to kill us all." They just came up with this crazy idea, then see Zhang Fan hand a wave, Wanzhang sword gas once again since ancient times? Er Tang Chu Rong? This time, it's coming to the crowd. The sound of breaking through the air has not yet arrived, and the irresistible trend of breaking the soul into two halves has been achieved. The crowd was shocked and scattered as birds and beasts. Kidding. They have all seen the power of Zhang Fan's sword, and how can they fight against it for the Huo family. Like a fried nest, hundreds of monks. The air rose,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and the night sword gas, like stars, scattered into the air. At the same time, all kinds of magic instruments and magic amulets are in hand, waiting to return the color. Just at this time, a sudden change was born. With a crow, a demon bird with dark golden feathers flew across the sky. The two wings, which were several feet in size, were like two sharp blades. Claws rise, beaks fall, flames soar into the sky. A large space is empty, and the sky is covered with blood rain. Broken bodies fell from the air like dumplings. Their faces were almost frozen with the color of disbelief, the last impression in their eyes. Three bright golden feathers. Not only that, almost at the same time, the sound of ghosts crying and babies crying. Ringing through the sky of the island of fire and ice, three small shadows came and went in a few degrees invisible to the naked eye, leaving countless shadows, without any complicated means. See still fit a flutter, a wear and pass. In an instant, 304 stainless steel wire ,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, one by one. Ignorance without winning beats the body of an empty shell and falls feebly from the air, in which the spirit. Has long been swallowed up. At the same time, a large forest on the ground seemed to come to life in an instant, and the rattan branches were entangled. All over the sky, the needles were like flying swords and arrows. Dozens of immortals could not react. They screamed one after another, or were dragged into the forest, or were pierced like a sieve. At the same time of their power, Wan Jiantu was completely covered. Concealed and encircled with the whole island, there is no difference in the appearance of one night, but if you touch the edge of the island, you can fly to the moment of gathering. The Infinite Sword will explode and tear it to pieces. In this space like ice and fire. Mo Ling, Mo Ying and Bi Ling are unscrupulously harvesting the lives of the immortals. Old Mrs. Huo, there are only two of us left now. In the shrill screams, the rain of blood all over the sky, Zhang Fan's constant smile, out of thin air with a ferocious meaning. Heartfelt and ruthless! Eyes flashed a touch can not bear, after all, is now being slaughtered is not her people is its good friar, after this battle, even if she won, the island of fire and ice since then is also a great loss of vitality, years of accumulation destroyed, and all this is born too fast. There is a strong enemy in the side, even her. It is also unthinkable. Moments later. She suddenly took a deep breath and calmed down. Ignoring the screams that filled the whole sky, he said, "Do you think you "Is it?" "Old body, countless look, my Huo family is how to have today!" Later, the voice went straight into screaming, and the hatred that went straight to the bone marrow was obvious. If you have any means to use it, you can just talk about it. Zhang Fan said. What does the Huo family depend on today? He naturally knows that those who are roaring and struggling are just some powerful things to return the favor. Apart from the seventh-order cold nephew who threatened the east when he would appear, there was only this former enemy. It's worth a fight. Immediately, Mrs. Huo finally showed her real strength. The north wind is cool, rain and snow! I don't know when. Surrounded by cold, ice flowers, rain and snow into a curtain, an ice blue figure, slowly Air rise. Hate Volume 1 Chapter 181 Mouse Drill Bellows The drop of the needle in the tent of the Jin army could be heard. Up to Nianhan, down to the door, the guard planed and opened his eyes, and his heart was beating a small drum. Wang Na had always been trusted by the second prince and had been on several missions to Tokyo. It's all because he has no carbon. But now, I am afraid that the reason is still unknown. Moreover, Song Jun sent Wang Na level, what is the purpose? Provocation? Warning? Or something else? Nianhan was impatient and puzzled, and his anger was burning in his heart, like a burst of strong! Unable to hold down after all, the box fan flew out with a slap, and Wang Na's head, like a skin, rolled down to the foot of Yelv Ma Wu. Perhaps because he was not a direct descendant of the Jurchens, he felt somewhat sorry for Wang Na's death. He held the case in both hands, picked up the box, and repacked it. "Marshal," he said. Wang Na is an important official of the country. He has made great achievements. Today, unfortunately, he is not afraid to be buried. Nianhan had this idea. He waved his hand again and again. "Just do it," he said impatiently. Ma five helpless, only called the foot soldiers, ordered a good burial. Nianhan thought about it for a long time,brushed stainless steel sheet, but he didn't have a clue. So he asked Yiji Wenwu, "According to what you have seen, what should we do now?" 。