Do not care about these, she believes Qin Ling, at this time can not help but also a little disappointed with everyone, the game has been together for so long, although still do not understand, this little thing let everyone turn against each other, questioned the character of the wind, and Liu Zicheng not only did not help to speak, but also acquiesced in everyone's view of "the wind bullied the weak, took out his anger on the weak". Looked at the gang channel and added the accusation of escaping marriage, depressed to continue to call, Qin Ling so abnormal, let her very worried. Half an hour later, someone answered the phone at home, and it was a very gentle female voice. Oh, Qin Ling, he's in the hospital. "What happened to him?" He stood up excitedly and pinched his cell phone tightly. The female voice actually had anger, as if she had finally found a vent, and she said: "He is really, gastroenteritis is still playing computer there!"! Now I fainted and was sent to the hospital. When I woke up, I was asked to take the computer. Reunion Can not allow the brain to be blank, the other side continued to report the latest news of Qin Ling. Wait until the other side complained,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and learned that Qin Ling was all right, has been able to calmly accept the fact that Qin Ling was hospitalized. By the way, who are you? Seeing that she had not spoken for so long, the other party probably suspected that she had not hung up the phone. After thinking about it, he only said, "Classmate." "Oh.." It's a girl again. Got it. By the way, I'm Qin Ling's mother. I'll go to the hospital later. Would you like to come too? It's 8:35 now, that is to say,304 Stainless Steel Coil, even if she goes to the station now, there will be a bus to take right away, at least it won't arrive until midnight. Can only be very plaintive to say no, and then polite, hung up the phone. Why The first time she spoke to Qin Ling's mother was in such a strange situation! He rushed straight out and poured a glass of water to calm down. When she returned to the room, she saw that everyone had nothing to do, just in time, in the gang channel to discuss whether to pull a disagreeable gang to fight. She just sent out the news on the gang channel, and before everyone could express their concern, Qin Ling went online. And at the same time, her mobile phone also has incoming calls, a look is Qin Ling, hurriedly answer the phone. Hello "I'm sorry." Qin Ling's voice was much stronger, which made her feel at ease. But I'm sorry, she didn't think it was necessary. It's all right. You can have a good rest when you are sick. He was concerned, and then he couldn't help saying, 304 Stainless Steel Pipe ,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, "Do you have a lot of female classmates?" “……” Qin Ling was silent for a while before he said, "Why do you say you are a female classmate?" As soon as he said a word, he turned the blame on her, and she complained for a moment. But when she saw someone else in the game urging her to go, she got on the sedan chair first and then continued to think about how to change the subject. There's no sense of reality. Suddenly, he said something. I noticed that the wedding procession had arrived at the gate of the city, and the sound of congratulations on the world channel was contrasting with the fireworks. But she also felt that there was no sense of reality, except for the sense of reality when a group of people searched the warehouse for packages when they wanted wedding candies. Then, as normal steps, they worship heaven and earth, set off firecrackers, and symbolically hug and kiss, but the fireworks can't stop it. Stop, stop, stop. What's she thinking. After a long period of regret, I found that they seemed to be wasting the phone bill, and I was thinking about whether to hang up or not. Qin Ling may be silent for a long time, two times the sound of the wedding together, as if they are really together. So, the tortoise's tardiness. I seem to miss him a little. Uh. How are you feeling and when will you be discharged? In order not to let the weird atmosphere continue, he said tardy. Qin Ling did not answer the question. Uh How are you feeling? When are you going back to school? Stunned for a while, looking at the air conditioner that was working hard, she lowered her head silently: she wanted to go back, but the dormitory was a ghost place, and it was really painful to stay in summer. You wait. In the middle of thinking, she heard an unusual sound in the game and waited to find someone setting off fireworks next to her. That firework is very special. It is one of the ways the game uses to make money. The sound is special. When it flies into the air, it will turn into the pattern of "I love you". It is a necessary magic weapon for prodigal players. After finding out who it was, he became even angrier: Wenxin Diaolong not only came to participate, but also set off this kind of fireworks there to make trouble. She knew it was useless to be angry, and she was going to attack him with his weakness. [Secret Language] [Silent Delay]: Don't you love the broad and profound Chinese culture very much? Why do you still use this kind of fireworks? Also, a gentleman's demeanor is not to make trouble out of nothing when someone else gets married, is it, Childe? [Secret Language] [Wen Xin Diao Long]: Idiot. Silly, this person before no matter how angry, no matter how uncomfortable, also did not use this kind of words to say others, are using those words that others do not understand to scold a dry addiction. [Secret Language] [Wen Xin Diao Long]: Do you think I am really myself? This makes the delay more entangled, Wenxin Diaolong and others have a good relationship, have not given the account to others. Although people can change, but since this person can use the literary mind to carve dragons, it is very likely to be. Luoluo Cher. What's the matter? Qin Ling at the other end heard that after saying a word and so on, there was nothing else to say, but also "Yi" a sound, some doubts. This one is talking to Wen Xin Diaolong, who is difficult to distinguish between true and false, but he didn't take care of Qin Ling for a while. [Whisper] [Silently]:? [Secret Language] [The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons]: So you were cheated? Delayed just depressed oneself is cheated, want to guess is not to fall to fall snow son, came a word again. [Secret Language] [The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons]: Actually, I am still myself. Do you believe a firecracker and an idiot? "Hello?" Another word from Qin Ling finally attracted the attention of those who were angrily quarreling with the keyboard. Late discovery,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, the matter is a bit serious, Qin Ling's voice has been lowered octave, immediately enthusiastic: "I am I am." "Are you done talking?" The chilly sound continued.