"Listen, the design of the Broken Soul Cliff incident, is your big shopkeeper's bosom friend Jiang Lang and Zhang Hao, how?"? You wouldn't think of it. Jiang Lang is known as the buddha-minded swordsman, and Zhang Hao is known as the gentleman of destiny. Although both of them are Wulin people, they have never been involved in Jianghu. They laugh about Jianghu, but they regard themselves as aloof. In Jianghu, Dongfang Dugu, Jiang Lang and Zhang Hao are listed as the three shows of Wulin. These two are the best friends of Dongfang Dugu in his life. They were planted behind the Broken Soul Cliff from the Great Dragon Hall. The three of them had not been together for some time, and occasionally he really wanted to get together with them again. As soon as the names of these two men fell into the ears of Dongfang Dugu, they were as painful as ten thousand swords piercing his heart. He only felt that his hands and feet were cold, his back was windy, and there was a buzzing sound in his mind. These two were his most intimate friends, both of whom had been friends of life and death for more than ten years. Who would have thought that the best friend for him, the closest friend for him, was actually the main culprit who designed to hide the harm to the Great Dragon Hall.. Bao Tietou swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said in surprise: "No, Linghu Meng, are you right?" Linghu Meng glared at him and said: "How many of my heads dare to provoke these two masters? You also think about what the consequences will be like after I say these two people." Shi Lang wiped the blood stains on the corners of his mouth and said: "Big shopkeeper, it can't be true." Dongfang Dugu's face was pale, and his eyes looked blankly at the top of the cave,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, which was embedded with glittering and dazzling stalactites. His eyes were empty, and he lost in the vigorous friendship and friendship. He clearly remembered the day when the three men made a blood alliance. Zhang Hao and Jiang Lang had made a solemn oath that the three men were of one heart and their friendship would never change. Although, the three people could not often meet and could not talk freely. However, that friendship is growing day by day, and will not be neglected because of the long time. He loves them, and they also care for him. How can he expect that he is convinced that the friendship of life and death, which is mixed with blood, is the main culprit who betrays him. East alone a mouth way: "I.." A mouthful of blood sprays out,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, that melancholy anger and injury, so that this strong and calm generation of heroes can not endure this heavy blow, anger is the most nerve-racking, passion is the most heartbroken, his heart is broken. A little red a way: "What's the matter with you, big shopkeeper?" His pale face was swept with a touch of bitterness, and his miserable voice said: "The most precious thing in the world is the friendship between brothers, the feelings of husband and wife, the noble spirit of righteousness, and the two brothers I love most in my life are actually the main culprits who killed my brother, you say, how can I not be sad.." A little red thought: "Big shopkeeper, before things are clear, why hurt yourself first, 304 Stainless Steel Bar ,mirror stainless steel sheet, maybe things will not be like this, with Jiang Lang and Zhang Hao's reputation in Jianghu, will they be such people?" Tetsuo loudly way: "Big shopkeeper, let's find out first and then discuss." As soon as he stared Linghu Meng, he continued: "Linghu Meng, you have to think clearly, if you play tricks in the middle, the consequences, you should be very clear, not only the people of Dalong Hall will not spare you, even Jiang Lang and Zhang Hao, they will not let you go.." Linghu dream disdain way: "I, Linghu Meng, am not a fool. It's not wise to get into trouble with you, plus the two masters, unless I don't want to live.." East alone alone shook his body, saying: "Linghu Meng, how could they hook up with Yum." Linghu dream mused: "I have to ask them. I only know that five years ago, we all gathered in the mountain forest of the Valley of Broken Souls. Before you entered the Valley of Broken Souls, we had agreed that we would all cover our faces with black scarves. After killing, regardless of success or failure, we would disperse our birds and beasts and return to our own halls. We would never mention this matter, because we all know that the Great Dragon Hall would never be so easy to eliminate.." Shi wave ah a track: "No wonder the people who did it that night had different martial arts. They thought so much. The masters who didn't belong to different factions gathered together. That would disturb our thinking and make us unable to figure out the identity of our opponents. The big shopkeeper, their design can be said to be seamless. Unfortunately, God treated us well and let us finally find out the clue in the groping.." "Big shopkeeper," said Yunlong solemnly, "let's not pursue it.." "Why?" Asked Dongfang Dugu with a shock. Yunlong eyes tearful way: "Big shopkeeper, we are like brothers with you. We understand your nature. You are as loyal as a mountain to your friends. Now, you know that it is your friend of life and death who hurt my brother. You have hurt yourself before the culprit of the bloody blade. If you continue to pursue, I am afraid you have destroyed yourself first.." Shaking his head, Dongfang Dugu firmly said: "They have hurt me, brother, don't forget our oath, brothers'blood can't be shed in vain, we said, who hurt us, we will return blood and teeth, even if it is my relatives, I can't think of favoritism.." Yunlong was stunned and said, "This.." With a bitter smile, Dongfang Dugu bowed his head and said, "When I go to Mount Baituo, I want to meet my good friend.." The words dragged longer and longer, and it was such a cold spoken language that he stepped out in sadness and went into the night with resentment all over his body. Many brothers followed him, but there was no more sound,304 Stainless Steel Wire, like a heavy piece of lead, which had overwhelmed them. Baituo Mountain, it will be a heartbroken place. Next page The novel willow setting sun kills Chapter 21. sxthsteel.com