When a Taoist saw him, he came over with a sword and said, "Almsgiver, did you come here to burn incense in the mountains?"? Unfortunately, I'm entertaining a distinguished guest at the moment, and I won't entertain you, benefactor. He spoke in a conciliatory tone, but with a rather haughty expression. Wei Mingyuan did not take it seriously and said, "I have a special trip to visit you." As soon as the Taoist heard his tone, or was shocked by his extraordinary appearance, his attitude became much more humble. Holding his sword in his arms, he said, "So please ask the benefactor to see Gao's name so as to inform him." Wei Mingyuan said with a faint smile, "I'm Wei Mingyuan. My nickname is Sun God. I'm now the third generation head of the Tianlong Sect. I've come here specially to pay my respects to you." The name of a person, the shadow of a tree, the three characters of Wei Mingyuan, stamping feet and trembling all over the world. Although these people had not seen Wei Mingyuan's heroic act of bravely resisting the six schools under the Yellow Crane Tower, they were too familiar with the name, and they all put on a solemn face. The Taoist who had spoken earlier immediately said respectfully, "Xiaodao has a clumsy eye, but he doesn't know that Daxia is coming. Please wait for Daxia. Xiaodao will go to inform him immediately." "Thank you," said Wei Mingyuan with a slight hand. The Taoist gave another salute and returned like flying away. Wei Mingyuan stood leisurely with his hands on his back in the surprised gaze of the Taoists. After a while, a few Taoist priests came down from the mountain like an enclave. They had grey beards and cloud shoes, and their functions were quite high. When they came to the front of them,calcium ammonium nitrate price, one of the leaders bowed down and said, "The poor Taoist Songyue is in charge of the lower house of Zhenwu. On behalf of the master, I respectfully approach the swordsman." Wei Mingyuan returned the salute with a smile and said, "Can you allow me to see you, Master Songmu Taoist?" Song Yue said, "Elder Martial Brother Jia should have greeted you, but there are other guests in the palace who have not been separated. I would like to ask you to apologize on behalf of me. Please climb the mountain, Daxia." Wei Mingyuan started with a smile, but Song Yue seemed slightly embarrassed and hesitated to speak. Wei Mingyuan smiled and said,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "Does the Taoist want me to take off my sword?" Song Yue leaned forward and said, "Please forgive me, Daxia, because of the rules left by the Patriarch." Wei Mingyuan untied his robe and took off his iron sword. "Do as the Romans do in the mountains," he said. "Thank you, Daxia," said Songyue, taking it with both hands and handing it to the attendant disciple. "This sword carving is kept here by our disciple. When Daxia goes down the mountain, he should return it." Wei Mingyuan smiled faintly, buttoned his clothes, and then walked up the hill with Songyue. "More than ten years ago," said Song Yue as she walked along, "I saw Daxia raising his prestige by the Yellow Crane Tower. Time flies. Daxia's strength is not diminished, but his poor way is getting old day by day. I sincerely admire Daxia." Wei Mingyuan said strangely, "I'm just relying on the merit of staying in Yan Dan. Fortunately, I'm not old.." What's the matter! Was the Taoist by the Yellow Crane Tower ten years ago? Song Yue said with a guilty look on her face, Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, "I was still young at that time, so I just followed him to watch the excitement. Although I trusted Daxia selfishly, I couldn't do my best for Daxia." Wei Mingyuan had a good impression on Song Yue unexpectedly in his heart. He said frankly, "What happened in those years is really hard to win people's trust. No wonder your master." Song Yue went on to say, "Later, when Nvxia Du and Ren Gongqi came to Benshan to ask for punishment, our Headmaster also expressed his regret. However, the mistake had been made and could not be recovered. At that time, I did not know that Daxia was a lucky man and had not died in Jianghu.." "I don't care about these things anymore," said Wei Mingyuan. "The Taoist doesn't have to mind." Song Yue, however, looked worried and said, "That's why I brought this matter up. I still have the feeling to ask you." Wei Mingyuan was stunned and said, "The Taoist said it's all right." Song Yue sighed and said, "Nvxia Du and Ren Gongqi made a scene in this mountain. They cut off the sword stone with their swords and broke the sword array in Zhenshan. At the end, they cut off the hair of our master and walked away with a message." Wei Mingyuan said modestly, "That's because Younger Martial Sister Du is too arrogant." Song Yue said, "Daxia and Du Nvxia are as close as the sea. I can't blame her. It's just.." At this point, his face was more worried. Wei Mingyuan couldn't help saying, "If the Taoist Priest has any advice, just say so. If I can do my best, I won't refuse.". ” Song Yuenai said, "The master of my family is the best, because he ordered Wu Tian's swordsmanship to be used, and he should swear to commit suicide. Elder Martial Brother Song Mu, the master, has been deeply ashamed and humiliated since he cut his bun. He still takes Daxia and Nvxia Du to heart, so.." Wei Mingyuan suddenly asked, "Are the distinguished guests mentioned by the Taoist Priest the Leader of Broken Heart and the Leader of Tianxiang?" "How did you know, Daxia?" Asked Songyue. Wei Mingyuan said, "I've already seen their followers at the foot of the mountain. Your master doesn't understand me, so I have nothing to complain about. It's just that it's not worth making friends with such third-rate Jianghu people." Song Yue said with a deep sigh, "I used to say this to persuade you, but the Headmaster was moved by hatred and didn't accept it. If you meet Daxia, you may offend him." Wei Mingyuan said with a faint smile, "It doesn't matter. I came here with courtesy. The Taoist Priest Matsuki belongs to a faction. He should take care of his status. I don't think he will be very unhappy." Song Yue shook her head and said, "It's hard to say. My Elder Martial Brother is very hostile. He has been practicing swordsmanship assiduously for more than ten years. He just wants to avenge his past humiliation. But I know that compared with Daxia, he is still much worse." Only then did Wei Mingyuan understand what he meant and said with a smile, "What does the Taoist mean? Do you want me to be polite to your master?" "No," said Song Yue! Now they have three masters gathered together. I'm asking Daxia to be careful. Wei Mingyuan was very moved and felt that Song Yue was a very good person. He said with a sigh, "I have learned from both the broken-hearted man and Wu Yunfeng. It may not be easy for the three of them to win together, but it is more than enough to protect themselves. However, I am still very grateful for the care of the Taoist Priest." "I know I can't hurt you," said Song Yue! Just ask Daxia to be a little generous to our disciples in case of action. Since the First World War between Nvxia Du and Ren Gongqi, our talents have withered and our vitality has been greatly damaged. We really can't stand the destruction any more. Wei Mingyuan nodded and said, "With the face of the Taoist Priest, I will certainly pay attention to it. I will never hurt anyone in your school." "Thank you, Daxia," said Songyue! I have another thing to ask you, Daxia. "Just tell me, Taoist," said Wei Mingyuan. "Wait a minute," said Song Yue. "If my brother has an order,Magnesium Oxide price, I can't disobey it. Please forgive me, Daxia." Wei Mingyuan said, "The Taoist means that your master will ask the Taoist to attack me." 。 stargrace-magnesite.com