Shui Er walked up to Bian Lao and was about to kneel down when the old man held him up and said, "How can this be?" "How can you not thank me for saving your life?" Asked Shui Xingyun. Shuiercuo took a step back, the crutch was horizontal, and the man knelt down again and kowtowed three times to Bian Lao. Strange to say, the old man, surnamed Bian, was generously worshipped three times, nodded, and looked with a smile to sit on the donkey's back shelf. "Brother, please wait," said Shuixingyun. Shui Xingyun was already excited, because he was suspecting that the man surnamed Bian in front of him must be an apricot forest master, or his son. Isn't it amazing that the serious illness of Shui Er can be cured by taking medicine? In his mind, Shui Xingyun folded his fists and said, "What can I do for you, brother Bian?" The old man walked up to Shuixingyun and looked at him carefully for a while. He said slowly, "The little old man is very gentle. He has been with us for generations." Some pathological therapies have been handed down, and he is also proficient in the technique of crossing the golden needle. Now he sees that Shuiren is generous and generous, and he is a gentleman, so the little old man thinks How much is the return to Shuiren? "We should be the ones who repay our kindness," said Shui Xingyun. "As for a little silver, it's not worth mentioning." Bian He stretched out his hand to stop him and said, "No, what I said in return is just to do my best to cure two diseases for Shuiren." Already. Shuixingyun was stunned and said, "What else does Shuimou have besides tuberculosis?" Bian He said with a smile,disc air diffuser, "Tuberculosis is a visible disease that hurts the body, and Ji Chang's addiction is an invisible disease that hurts the mind. Brother Shui Ren thinks that Bian He is guilty of it." Yan Yu Lang? "" Jin Xiaoshan asked aside, "Uncle Bian, what is Ji Chang's addiction? I've been with Uncle Shui for more than three years, but I've never seen him." There is no seasonal addiction. Unexpectedly, Shui Xingyun shook his head with a sigh and said, "Sir, I admire Shui very much." Bian He stroked his beard with a smile and said, "The pupils are dark,Rotating sludge scraper, and the surroundings are dark. It looks like the moon is covered by clouds in the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is the appearance of five internal injuries." For example, if I send you a prescription here and you fill it after you go back, it should not be difficult to cure it. As for sending the addiction of the season, You need to come back after you are well. He reached into his arms and took out a yellowing prescription. Shuixingyun hurriedly took it with both hands and thanked him, saying, "It's a great honor for Shuimou to meet a superior man in the mountain village." As a result, the two sides salute and leave, Jin Xiaoshan holding the water two on the shelf to sit down, the water cloud also sat on the other side, three people. All the way to the old gold mine village. Along the way, the water and the clouds are all pondering in their hearts. It turns out that Ji Chang's addiction is also a kind of disease. He was originally the overlord of one side, in the martial arts world The nobility is due to.. In the distance, the old gold mine village was already in sight, and the hut built by Jin Xiaoshan himself was still at the head of the village, as well as the Jin Ji Escort Agency. Signboard, everything is as it is. The small five son of the restaurant of the money family heard the sound of the donkey's hooves and jumped outside the restaurant. He thought there was a guest coming, but unexpectedly he looked closely. It was Jin Xiaoshan who came back, lamella tube ,fine bubble diffuser, and there was a young man. Waving to meet him, Xiao Wuzi shouted, "Brother Jin, you're back." Jin Xiaoshan tied the little donkey outside the hut and held Shuier down. Then he smiled at Xiao Wuzi and said, "Go back and get some food." We're going to have dinner now. As Xiao Wuzi was walking, Jin Xiaoshan stopped him again and said, "Remember, stew a fat hen." "Even if you don't tell me, I won't forget," said Xiao Wuzi with a smile. Jin Xiaoshan was in the room tidying up the bed for the night. The money shopkeeper came in with a smile and said, "You two are back. How about the escort, but did you send the couple to Chuanfu? With a smile on his face, Jin Xiaoshan said, "Shopkeeper Qian, go back to the shop first and find the gold diggers surnamed Dong and tell them about their things." It's all there. Even the killer has been found. ” Money shopkeeper laughs hastily ask: "Gold brother, you say who is that murderer?" "Shopkeeper Qian," said Jin Xiaoshan with a smile, "please forgive me for keeping you in suspense. If you always want to know who the murderer is, then hurry up and get Master Dong. If they invite you to your shop, won't you know who the murderer is? Shopkeeper Qian thought for a moment and said with a smile, "Brother Jin, you still hate me for accusing you of having a criminal suspect that day and causing you to be hanged." Come here Jin Xiaoshan said coldly, "It's a small thing to hang up. I'm almost dead." After a ha-ha, the money shopkeeper said, "It's just a coincidence at that time. It doesn't matter. I'll choose a day in two days and I'll invite you." Have a drink with your uncle. "Jin Xiaoshan smiled and said," No, you can just send someone to ask Fifth Master Dong and the others to come. Shopkeeper Qian shook his head and walked slowly out of the hut, saying to himself, "Who could the murderer be?" Sitting in Qian's restaurant again, Jin Xiaoshan helped Uncle Shui and Shui Er to sit down. Qian Feng was like a butterfly. He came over and said with a smile, "Brother Xiaoshan, you have worked hard all the way. What else do you want to eat besides Uncle's stewed hen?" Jin Xiaoshan looked at Uncle Shui and then looked at Shui Er. Seeing that both of them were expressionless, he couldn't help whispering, "You little five." "And?" Qian Feng said with a smile, "My father told him to go to the Jinsha River Bank to look for Master Dong Wu." Then Jin Xiaoshan said to Shui Er, "Brother, what do you like to eat?" Shui Er looked at Qian Feng, who was standing aside, and said, "I wish I had a bowl of noodles." Jin Xiaoshan quickly shook his hand and said, "How can that be? After a serious illness, I have to mend my body." "Why don't you stew an old hen for my brother, too?" He said to Qian Feng. Qian Feng covered his mouth with a smile and said, "How do you know how to stew an old hen? You should know that there are a lot of things in the world to nourish your body, right?" An old hen! "But there are only old hens in your shop," said Jin Xiaoshan. Qian Feng nodded and said, "Well, I'll stew a chicken for your brother. What about you? What will you eat?" "One and a half catties of meat, two steamed buns, and a bowl of noodles," said Jin Xiaoshan. Qian Feng went back to the kitchen in the back. At this time, there were several Goujin guests in the restaurant. I heard that they were from Jinji Escort Agency. Looking back from time to time, there was a look of disbelief on his face. Not long after the three of them had returned to the hut after eating their fill, outside the door, Xiao Wuzi was already shouting,lamella clarifer, "Brother Xiaoshan, Dong!" Fifth Master, they're all here. I met them at the intersection. Come out quickly! 。