Another incident was covered by the Daily Mail in the United Kingdom. Daily Mail recounted the story of 22-year-old "aquaholic" Sarah Schapira who consumes seven liters of fluid every day. She also, just like Sasha above, spends a significant amount hours in the bathroom. Schapira said:

"My argument has always been that water is good for you and helps you to detox. We've all been told about the benefits of water, so I drink lots and lots of it, from the minute I wake all about wellness up to the minute I go to bed. If I don't have my bottle of water I feel paranoid. And if I try not to drink for an hour.

Levels of sodium causes the brain to expand

I start to feel dehydrated and I get throbbing headaches. But it has got to the stage where I don't know how to give it up. It used to make me feel really good and healthy but not anymore. I know I ought to cut down but I'm not sure how I can".

Polydipsia (which in simple terms is drinking more than three daily liters of water) is often associated with hyponatremia (i.e. the low sodium levels in blood) and, in the most extreme of cases, can result in over-water drinkers falling into a condition known as a coma. Low levels of sodium causes the brain to expand, which then restricts the flow of blood to the brain, as the brain is compressed against the skull's outer surface.

Dismissed their fears because I always thought it was so good

Another person who was interviewed by Daily Mailstory was Daily Mailstory was 26-year-old Rachel Bennett, a marketing agent from North London who drank also seven Liters of water every day which caused nausea and headaches. She told the story:

"My friends used to tease me about the amount I drank, but I dismissed their fears because I always thought it was so good for me. It got to the stage where I felt I couldn't function without it. If I woke psychological healthcare without a bottle of water by my bed, I would feel really paranoid. I couldn't drink tap water - that tasted awful - instead, I drank Evian by the gallon. It's expensive, too - I could spend over PS30 a week on the water - but I had got to the stage where I got a huge buzz from drinking so much".