Planning a wedding involves a lot of details so many details it may become overwhelming. Deciding on decorating ideas for wedding reception tables shouldn't be overwhelming it should be fun. The only question is where do you begin? The following information Ideas for 2023 Wedding  can offer you some insight and ideas on reception table décor that is sure to leave your guests in awe.


Center Pieces vs No center Piece


Traditionally the center piece is the core of the reception table decorum. However, if you want to go against tradition there are still perfectly good alternatives that will have a positive impact on your guests. If you choose not to include centerpieces then you should pick something to draw the attention of your guests such as table cloths or table settings with intricate designs.


You could also simply rent a ballroom to hold the reception in with crystal chandeliers and keep the tables contemporary and stream line. If you choose to go with centerpieces they must include flowers.




There is so much you can do with regard to flower bouquets the possibilities are endless. It is difficult to describe flower trends or ideas without giving you a visual so if you want to see how other couples have used flowers in their weddings visit


However, roses and lilacs are always a good choice and you can combine them in a number of ways to meet your specific preferences. You should also include candles on the tables and you can choose to invest in all varieties of fancy candle holders that are available for Ideas for 2023 Wedding  or you can keep it simple but many decorating ideas for wedding reception tables come to mind.




Most wedding sites and stores offer all types of lighting for wedding including garland lights, candles and candle holders, paper lanterns and more. How you choose to combine these options is really up to you.


I'm personally not a fan of garland lights, but white paper lanterns and candles are always a good choice. If you really want to get fancy you can even buy "mini-lantern tea light holders" from which are excellent additions to any reception party.


Color Scheme


All of the above options depend on your color scheme and wedding theme which you probably already have in mind. If you have a wedding planner it is probably a good idea to let them coordinate your choices so that everything fits together perfectly. There is no right color scheme only one that flows together the best. White is of course the standard, but including accents of light colors is also a good idea.