Can't blame Lirstin for misunderstanding, murderous look is so terrible, she doesn't believe that this is called by Ye Tian, as the daughter of the family, she has seen the king level strong and the emperor level strong, but never seen such a terrible person, how can she believe that this is called by Ye Tian. She was thinking that the strong man had come to take the treasure, and now Lirstin just wanted the strong man not to kill people indiscriminately, not to kill himself and Ye Tian. Night orchid did not pay attention to this little man, suddenly appeared next to the polar ice silver snake, no resistance to the polar ice silver snake in the hands, the silver snake simply did not have the opportunity to fight and escape. The night orchid suddenly appeared beside Ye Tian, staring at Ye Tian, who was curled up in pain, ignoring the existence of Lilstin. Lirstin froze. She didn't know when Ye Tian and herself had offended the strong man. Lirstin looked at the night orchid trembling and suddenly knelt down and said in fear: "Please don't kill him, don't.." Although Ye Tian can not speak, but the heart is still quite touched, this stupid woman must have misunderstood something. Ye Tian's heart now to Lirstin perhaps only now had the affirmation, in the heart suddenly had the feeling of relief. Night orchid is too lazy to answer, one hand will not be able to resist the polar ice silver line shot to catch, also do not know in what energy, polar ice silver line snake suddenly exploded,Inflatable water park on lake, silver blood scattered suddenly condensed into a silver bead, silver bead suddenly into Ye Tian's mouth. Ye Tian felt the extreme cold suddenly entered his body, the cold quickly spread to the whole body, but the cold did not ease the pain of Ye Tian, but more painful, ice and fire. Spirit ice fighting gas at this time also resist, red crystal spirit ice source in the burning meridians began to fiercely resist the heat, three kinds of energy in the melee. What's so painful? Ye Tian is now. Lirstin gawked,Inflatable bouncer, the situation seemed to be different from what she thought, the woman seemed to be saving Ye Tian. Lirstin buried her face deep in her chest when she thought of what she had looked like before. But silly people have silly luck, because of this kneeling she is more likely to get the approval of Ye Tian. Ye Lan naturally felt that the energy of Ye Tian's body was confused, and if it was not suppressed, there would be trouble, and the trouble would be great. Suddenly the night orchid started, the wheel of judgment was thrown out, and the ice wall that Ye Tianjiu could not cut down was smashed under the attack of the wheel of judgment. After the ice wall was smashed, a milky white dazzling light suddenly came, and the whole cave was filled with milky white brilliance and fragrance. The milky light was cold and made people feel very comfortable, and Ye Tian's pain seemed to be reduced a lot under the light. On the other side of the cave, a flower like a lotus flower gave off a dazzling milky white light, like snow, and rays of light came out from the petals. Lotus is full of sacred breath, elegant and beautiful, inflatable castle with slide ,Inflatable water park factory, pure jade color. The petals that have opened, the milky white light reveals a trace of coldness, and seems to be a little warm feeling of the sun. Jade crystal light snow lotus! An exclamation came from Lirstin's mouth, and Lirstin's little mouth opened wide, as if in disbelief. Jade crystal light snow lotus, the existence of legend. It is said to be the best medicine beyond the existence of the ninth level. The specific effect is unknown, because there is hardly a second one on the mainland. The appearance of the first jade crystal snow lotus was recorded one hundred thousand years ago. At that time, in order to save a critically ill girl, a mysterious person did not know where to find the jade crystal snow lotus and successfully cured the girl's illness. In addition to dispelling any fire poison, fragrance can speed up the practice in any state, and the benefits to the body are even more unimaginable. What Lilsteen remembers most clearly is that the jade crystal light snow lotus can beautify the face, but it can make her skin crystal like snow, and it can also make her body emit incredible fragrance forever. Night orchid did not give Lirsten a chance to appreciate, instantly picked the root of the jade crystal light snow lotus, in the moment of picking, night orchid's hand was covered with thick ice, but only for a moment. Although she is also fascinated by this thing, but the importance of the matter is easy to measure, and this person is the hope of the elves, not to save the city cloth possible. The night orchid took the jade crystal light snow lotus to the side of Ye Tian. Suddenly, all the lotus flowers were scattered, and the shining lotus petals revolved around the leaf sky. Ye Tian's body slowly broke away from the ground, slowly stretched out, the previous pain seems to have really eased a lot. Suddenly all the petals stopped in the sky of Ye Tian, with the compression of terror pressure, drops of glittering liquid fell on Ye Tian's body and suddenly disappeared, petals also turned into little stars and disappeared in the air. With the entry of the crystal liquid, Ye Tian felt that all the energy had quieted down. The potency of Jiuyan Zhuanlong Dan did not disappear, but seemed to be stronger, but without the previous feeling of pain. Crystal liquid fusion in the body, fusion in the meridians, Ye Tian felt the whole body unprecedented ease. The cold energy was swallowed up by the spirit of the ice bucket. The gas of the Red Crystal Ice Source is running at a high speed in an instant, and the rapid production of the spirit ice bucket gas is not as painful as the previous compression. It seems that under the action of the crystal liquid, all the spirit ice bucket gas begins to liquefy, and a tiny red drop of water slowly forms and grows up in Ye Tian's abdomen. Ye Tian suddenly felt that the skin of his whole body was very crisp and itchy, slightly frosted in Ye Tian's body, and finally thicker and thicker, and finally surrounded Ye Tian like a cocoon. Ye Lan, who felt that Ye Tian's body breath had stabilized, breathed a sigh of relief and thought to herself: "The hope of the elves, hope.." Are you really the hope of the elves? The night orchid collected the remaining lotus seeds into a jade vase, and a section of lotus root was taken out and packed in a jade box. After doing all this, the night orchid quietly looked at Ye Tian, motionless looking at Ye Tian, as if it did not exist. Lirstin has returned to normal after the stimulation, and there are too many doubts in her heart. This horrible strong man actually came to save Ye Tian, so that the nine-level Warcraft has no ability to resist the strong man, more powerful than any strong woman who has appeared so far is actually guarding him,inflatable floating water park, no wonder his intuition tells him not to mess up, so does this woman have anything to do with him? So I don't have any advantage. It's getting more and more mysterious, and I can't see through it. 。