Knowing at a glance that the forging method of the mecha was absolutely confidential, even the powerful Milia in the family did not think she could get it easily, and could only hope that her well-informed uncle would know a little bit of such information. And Zhang Jiahe's eyes also absolutely showed his: "Why should we rely on others?"? Some things are more interesting to do by yourself! "Do you have a plan, boy?" Cade looked at him with shining eyes. "Then try to get a mecha like this for each of us!"! It will be of great use later! And Tiger chimed in. Zhang Jiahe just smiled mysteriously. Qi Lu Lu on this side of the field has also found that this is not a way to go on, can only change a way of attack. But the other side can hide guns, even if the brush can not cause much damage, cold weapons are useless. Even though she aimed at the core of the opponent's mecha several times, she was helpless because she couldn't get in. She had no choice but to come up with an offensive method that she had long thought of but had never used after the promotion! Chapter 49 What is mental power? No one has been able to really explain the name of Star 265 since it appeared in front of people's eyes, not even the masters who first claimed that they were close to the source of spiritual power. It appeared much later than the body art that existed in the single planet era, but it has affected people's lives more since then. No matter what state the spirit has reached, no one dares to say that he has discovered all the mysteries of the world. And Qi Lu Lu also touched this boundary faintly after reaching the SS level. There is no SS-level senior guidance around her, so no matter how talented the reborn Qi Lulu is, she can only grope forward step by step, and what inspires her happens to be Zhang Jiahe, who is also SS-level. It was not long ago that Zhang Jiahe dragged her to fight over and over again. Zhang Jiahe is strong,juice filling machine, Qi Lu Lu has always known this, but did not clearly realize the gap between the two of them, until after that time. Unlike the previous fight in which the two men were stopped from killing and then stopped after a few times, Zhang Jia, who had finally found his opponent, was almost too excited to stop the car,PET blow moulding machine, and when he made a move, he was so fierce that Qi Lulu could not resist. What impressed her most was that as the fight lasted longer, Zhang Jiahe became more and more excited, and the powerful pressure was exerted on her mental strength layer by layer, so that she could not struggle. Once again facing the SS-level mental power, Qi Lu Lu only felt unspeakably uncomfortable. This is compared with the original. A totally different feeling during the Alibus confrontation. 。 And than.. When Alibus confronted him head-on, Qi Lulu was indeed powerless to fight back. But now she and Zhang Jiahe are not competing for mental strength, but they have already had such an effect, which absolutely shows that Zhang Jiahe is more than her, more than the original. Alibus is much stronger. 。 This feeling is not bound by the rope, but more like upstream in the river, Vegetable oil filling machine ,PET blowing machine, the resistance is not strong but everywhere. Qi Lu Lu naturally knew the existence of mental pressure, but before that day she had never known that mental pressure had other functions besides making people lower than her level clearly aware of the level gap and retreat. It's just that when you're excited, there's a mental pressure that leaks out, so what if it's deliberately used to suppress another person? When operating the mecha is the need to spend a lot of mind, Qi Lu Lu has been unable to directly carry out mental attacks, but the pressure is more of a momentum and the ability to evolve, and will not cost much mind. So since that incident, Qi Lulu has thought about this problem and made some attempts, but because the time is not long enough, she has not perfected this idea, and has never thought of applying it to reality. In fact, she had discussed with Zhang Jiahe, but the man who always liked to use violence to solve problems pondered for a while and then only gave her an ambiguous answer: "Theoretically, you can, but you can only try, and coercion will only have an effect on people who are mentally weak, and it will have no effect on strong opponents." And the eldest young master has always ignored people who are weaker than him as the existence of ants. Meditate! Be sure to calm down! Qi Lu Lu while manipulating the weapons in his hands to continue to attack the grass-green mecha, while according to the track of previous attempts to concentrate all his mental power to suppress the front, in order to expand her pressure to the greatest extent. In fact, the Mlaks in the grass-green mecha were also a little impatient with the scene at this time, but the previous encounters had made him deeply understand the gap between himself and the other side, so he could only hold back his eagerness and wait until the other side was exhausted. And when Qi Lu Lu touched him, he felt that the strength was not right, and then he was pleased: "Could it be that the other side could not hold on?"? Does that mean it's almost time for him to fight back. But just as this joy was slowing down in his heart, a kind of panic that seemed to spread from the bone marrow restrained him, making him feel cold all over and unable to move. At this time, Qi Lu Lu took the opportunity to come down from the sky, pressed the green mecha under his body, and hit it again and again with a laser gun towards a central position of the most vulnerable neck of the mecha. Yes, green mecha is hard enough, but no matter how hard things are, there is a limit. And the audience outside the field so gawked at the green mecha that had been running fast and hiding happily, motionless at the mercy of others, and in their hearts they all began to wonder if there was something fishy about it. No, if there is something fishy, why did they play for so long? Wouldn't it be better and more straightforward to throw in the towel early? In the consternation of countless people,liquid bottle filling machine, the voice of electronic synthesis once again sounded in everyone's ears: "Molik mecha is damaged and unable to operate, Oya wins, please continue to play the next game." 。