Lu Li touched Lin Junyu's cheek and said sadly. Thank you for your hard work. Before.. Before Lu Li had finished speaking, Lin Junyu turned to look at Lu Li and glared at him and said. It's the right thing for me to come with you. If I hadn't come with you, I don't think you'd know how many people you'd be hooking up with, like an innkeeper.. Lu Li's face showed a trace of helplessness, he looked at Lin Junyu who began to bring up the past, hurriedly said. What innkeeper? She's just trying to use me.. Lin Junyu, however, disagreed and asked Lu Li. Then why didn't she come to use me, not to use Gu Jian, but to use you? It's because you attract bees and butterflies. ” 〇 As soon as Lu Li choked, he looked at Lin Junyu's angry appearance, touched the tip of his nose, and said weakly. This is not because you are too good-looking, wife. As long as you are a woman, you don't like people who are better looking than you, and neither do men. Gu brother's temperament is so cold and hard, a look is a bad match, then the innkeeper should not dare. Lin Junyu also did not expect Lu Li to really answer him, slightly narrowed his eyes to look at Lu Li for a long time before he opened his mouth and said. Oh? So you know a lot about women? Lu Li looked at Lin Junyu half narrowed his eyes, Lu Li's radar instantly stood up, his mind almost instantly flashed a line of words, this is a proposition to send,65 inch smart board, to be cautious! Lu Li's mind is at war with heaven and man, but his face is still calm. He embraces Lin Junyu's waist and his tone is sincere and sincere. Absolutely do not understand, after all, I grew up so big, the first one who had a bad idea was to you. Lin Junyu stared at Lu Li's serious face for a moment, then he snorted, opened Lu Li's hand and stood up and said. I heard the sound of water over there. I went to see if there were any fish. Lu Li originally wanted to go with Lin Junyu, but when Tiantian on one side heard that there was a fish, she immediately ran over and longed to go with Lin Junyu. Although Lin Junyu was still a little nervous,smart board touch screen, he was not so afraid, so he went with Tiantian. Lu Li looked at the figure of Lin Junyu and Tiantian leaving together, lying directly on the soft grass, looking sideways at Gu Jian, who was carefully wiping the sword, and asked. Brother Gu, how did you meet the Taoist couple? Gu Jian wiped it for a while, then continued to wipe it and said. I was a casual practitioner. He was a disciple of a small school at that time. We met when he went down the mountain to experience. When he was in the monster forest, he was separated from the other brothers. He happened to meet the monster, but he couldn't beat it. Gu Jian stopped wiping and looked down at the sword in his hand, with nostalgia in his eyes and a very gentle voice. I was just passing by, and I saved him. I was just doing what I needed to do, but he kept pestering me to repay my kindness. Teenagers seem to be persistent, no matter how Gu Jian refused, he is to repay his kindness, smart board whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, Gu Jian went forward, he also followed forward, in short, where Gu Jian went, where the teenager followed. Gu Jian needs animal bones, teenagers also hunt monsters to get animal bones, but every time teenagers are chased by monsters round and round, and finally Gu Jian has to come to the rescue. Gu Jian annoyed him badly, but the teenager always looked like a smile, Gu Jian's cruel words every time as a deaf ear, anyway is to always follow the side of Gu Jian. Finally, Gu Jian was also annoyed by the teenager, did not want to say anything more to him, and no longer drove him away, even if he acquiesced to let him follow. At first, Gu Jian wondered why the young man didn't go to his brothers and sisters in his school. But on second thought, this teenager has nothing to do with himself, so why should he care so much. The days passed day by day, and Gu Jian, who had been alone all the time, slowly got used to having a chattering person around him. From the beginning do not like to talk to him, to occasionally pick up a few words, to the end can chat. There was a short time between them, but the teenager never felt that he was too cold. Even Gu Jian sometimes wondered if he was too impersonal. Teenagers are like a small sun, shining with dazzling light, for Gu Jian, who has been living in the dark, such warmth is something he can not refuse. He yearned for such a young man. Just this kind of feeling, not like, Gu Jian clearly understand. But at that moment, the boy told him that he liked himself. Gu Jian still remembers the blush and anxiety on the teenager's face at that time, and a little bit of uneasiness. But at that time, Gu Jian refused, he did not like the juvenile to the point, so Gu Jian could not promise him. Teenager's face immediately showed a burst of loss, his eyes are full of sadness, but his face is still smiling, he said to this Gu Jian will let him like himself. Gu Jian didn't say anything at that time. He was used to being alone and didn't know what kind of feeling the teenager said he liked. After that confession, Gu Jian thought at first that the teenager might hide from him, or leave him directly and return to the school. But the teenager still followed Gu Jian's side, laughing and laughing all day, pestering Gu Jian to talk, as if nothing had happened before. Gu Jian can not help but admire some young people, two people are still as before on the road. Until one day, the boy said he wanted to go back to the school, and there was something in the school. Gu Jian's heart at that time then rose a strange mood, only to check and do not understand what such a mood represents, suppress the mood in the heart, Gu Jian simply answered that he knew. The teenager seemed to be angry by his reaction, and finally he could not help staring at Gu Jian angrily and left without saying a word. On the first day of the teenager's departure,smartboards for business, Gu Jian's mood was still calm. The day after the teenager left, everything was as usual. On the third day of the teenager's departure, there seemed to be some strange emotion in his heart. On the fourth day of the teenager's departure.. Day 5.. Day 6.. Why hasn't he come back? Gu Jian began to think about this problem.