Has not been how to care about Han Shuo, at this time suddenly a body shock, eyes suddenly burst out of the dazzling light that people dare not face up to. Next to Han Shuo, Sophie immediately noticed the change in Han Shuo's eyes. Her depressed mood was diluted by curiosity. She looked at Han Shuo doubtfully and asked in a low voice, "Do you want this thing?" "Not bad!" Han Shuo said in a deep voice. What is this? I've never seen such a strange leaf. Do you know it? Sophie was a little surprised, staring at Han Shuo has been hurriedly asked. Nodded, Han Shuo explained: "And you are not very good to say, in short, this thing is very useful to me!" " Then you take a picture of it! If you don't have enough gold coins, I can lend you some, but you have to pay it back! Sophie smiled and said to Han Shuo. She immediately looked at the VIP room above and said to Han Shuo with scruples, "I want to hang my head down so that my father won't notice you when you buy it." "It's not convenient to say much about the origin of this leaf, but I think those who know the goods should feel its extraordinary.". Well, the reserve price is ten thousand gold coins. The highest bidder wins. Now the bidding begins! The host shouted loudly. Twenty thousand! "Twenty-five thousand!" "Twenty-seven thousand!" It seems that there are many people who know the goods. As soon as the host's words fell, the price began to rise all the way. Han Shuo is not in a hurry, just coldly observing a few contenders, after a round of shouting, slowly the price was raised to forty thousand gold coins, by this time, some purely curious about the role of the treasure nobles, has gradually no longer continue to participate. The remaining three who were really interested were still paying a high price. One of them was a real fat man, one was a brightly dressed lady, and the last one was Braque of the Pilon family. Of the three, Brack was the most excited, perhaps because he was very impatient to find someone who dared to rob him,decorative palm trees, and Han Shuo could even hear his heart beating faster and faster because of his excitement. The big fat man should be a real rich businessman, from the clothes above seems to come from the Bart business alliance, no wonder dare to fight for things with Braque, lady elegant manner, Han Shuo can not see the origin, but she should be the worst financial resources, now face has gradually some ugly, it is estimated that the price of that thing is more than she can afford. Looked for a while, Han Shuo saw that the price had reached fifty thousand, suddenly sold, a string of figures suddenly appeared. Ten One hundred thousand! Who, who is it? The host screamed and hurried to see the license plate. The whole audience was in an uproar! Volume V Chapter 491 wood is a treasure. Over the years, artificial plant wall panels ,artificial grass panels, Han Shuo's financial resources have gradually become strong through forcible seizure, and now how much wealth he has in his hands, even Han Shuo himself is not clear. In addition to the millions of gold coins controlled by Jack in the city of Bretel, Han Shuoguang has a crystal in his hand. There are nearly one million gold coins in the card. Green Ji wood "as a treasure of wood, others do not know, Han Shuo can be very clear about its use." "Green Wood" can not only make the barren land glow with vitality, but also has the magical power of the living dead talking about bones. The most important thing is that this "green wood" falls into the hands of the wooden corpse, which can not only make the wooden corpse evolve faster, but also greatly improve the strength of the wooden corpse. Up to now, only the water armor corpse and the wood armor corpse have the weakest strength and the lowest IQ, partly because they were refined late, and partly because they have no treasure to help them go further. A few days ago, in the temple of ice and snow, the water armor corpse absorbed the huge energy of the goddess of ice and snow, and its appearance immediately changed dramatically. Han Shuo can be sure that after the energy absorbed by the water armor corpse is digested, it will be able to take a big step forward on the road of evolution, so that the five elements of the day corpse array can have more power of the water armor corpse. Han Shuo has been worried about the wooden corpse recently. I don't know how to help him. I didn't expect to see the treasure of the wooden department "Green Ji Wood" in this auction. Once the wooden corpse gets the "Green Ji Wood", Han Shuo believes that the Five Elements Array of the Celestial Corpse can release all its power. So. Han Shuo is bound to win the "Lvji Wood", which is the treasure of the wood department! In order to make those competitors give up, a very high price can eliminate their desire to grab. So the price of one hundred thousand gold coins was lowered by Han Shuo. Eighty-three! One hundred thousand gold coins on the eighty-third! Why, it's a friend from the interior of the hall! The host finally saw Han Shuo's license plate number and screamed loudly. Following the host's shout, the light was projected on Han Shuo with a "swish" sound, and the attention of all the people was consistent with the light. In an instant, all of them fell on Han Shuo, and their eyes were full of surprise and curiosity. The other three bidders for the "Green Wood" are all in the VIP rooms on the second and third floors. On the second and third floors are the real aristocrats and wealthy businessmen. The high price of one hundred thousand gold coins, which rarely appeared except on some recognized treasures, had caused surprise, but when they found out that the bidder had come from the hall, they were even more surprised. This auction room is also divided into classes. Generally, there are some small nobles in the hall. The people inside tend not to spend money like water to compete for treasures with more than fifty thousand gold coins. Only those on the second and third floors will not care about grabbing their favorite items like gold coins. Therefore, the highest bidder in the general auction is often from the dignitaries on the second and third floors. Now a simple and honest fat man with an unattractive appearance is competing for an unknown thing with a high price of 100,000 gold coins in the hall. This obviously attracted the attention of the crowd. Not only some of the guests in the hall, but also the dignitaries on the second and third floors all poked their heads out to see who was so heroic below. Bastard, you are so rich! Under the gaze of the crowd, Sophie, whose head was so low that even her waist was bent down, said angrily, "If my father finds out that you have hurt me, I will get even with you!" Han Shuo, in order not to attract the attention of others to Sophie, did not speak to her,artificial coconut palm trees, sitting lazily on the seat squinting eyes, looking carefree and happy. One hundred ten thousand gold coins. One hundred and ten thousand gold coins on the ninth! Suddenly, the host screamed again. hacartificialtree.com