Popular descriptions of artificial intelligence, especially in movies and TV shows, focus mainly on sentient robots, humanoid servants, and out-of-control smart refrigerators. In reality, artificial intelligence has less to do with humanoids and affects a wide range of industries and scientific disciplines. This is also evident in the work of the Openfabric platform. The concept of democratized AI has appeared.

Implementation process

In order for data to continue to bring long-term benefits to enterprises in the future, employees should be involved in projects in the fields of artificial intelligence and data processing that are not related to classical ideas about artificial intelligence. Such a holistic AI culture will benefit not only current projects, but also pave the way for a competitive future.


Many companies have already realized the value of using artificial intelligence for a variety of business processes and have implemented the first solutions. Others are on the verge of launching the first projects in the field of digital product democratization. But, first of all, in order for the projects to be successful in the long term. At the moment, working with machine learning and artificial intelligence is still too often done in isolation.

At the same time, the degree and quality of collaboration between teams in projects with artificial intelligence can be crucial for their success. Because, in practice, different points of view and expectations within the company frequently collide; while the project's scale, cost, and benefits are important to management, technical teams tend to focus on efficiency and functionality. This discrepancy in perception and goal-setting makes projects vulnerable to misunderstandings and other obstacles, but they can be overcome. The key points are common understanding and good communication, as well as a future-oriented culture of artificial intelligence within the organization.

When the culture of artificial intelligence becomes an integral part of the vision of all employees, completely new opportunities appear, even far away from strictly defined projects. Then the creative potential of each team member can be used to develop more diverse ideas and will allow everyone to develop tools and implement ideas, a methodology for democratizing artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is often associated with automation, but it is broader than the simplest, manual forms. These technologies can be used for tasks that need to be performed frequently or in large volumes, but the key component is machine learning (which still requires human participation).