We have already seen, at Disney, what a team composed of Jaume Collet-Serra and Dwayne Johnson was capable of. It was called Jungle Cruise, it was 2021, and it feared no evil in the pudding.

This signed even the agony of the genre adventure on the big screen, asphyxiated by jokes that even a kid preparatory courses will be reluctant to go out.

Not serious: the duo delivers this in 2022, the association at the service of the genre super-hero. And it's called Black Adam... Hair to the teeth?

Does not recognize that there is the best would be pretty hypocritical : as-level action, the character, is sold as an anti-hero, sends heavy question power, returning immediately to the strength of the companions in the mouth exchanged between General Zod and Superman in Man of Steel. And in most, it is rather consisting of master's level special effects and beautiful all at the image, that you are not allergic to the yellow filter for after-noon in the Middle East.

And in addition, it is fluid and nervous: no sub-plot useless, no waffle : results, seems to be marked on the film on more than one occasion.

And then there's the Justice Society, including emerging interpretations of Hawkman and Dr. Fate, the characters are highly casse-gueule by their costumes improbable. I must admit, here, that the class of a Pierce Brosnan impassive does it all, and that its drama, even if it is just sketched, is fascinating.

But what's wrong eventually, in Black Adam, so that the hidden does that 6 on the site?

First, if the anti-hero is not bored, his film is only going to convene a number of reasons Archi rebates of the genre, as well as the formula that Marvel in the management of humour, sometimes invasive. So much so that Black Adam seems to be torn two hours in between two currents : show (too) serious, even dramatic, while dropping the blagounette ash not always of good quality, or even problematic in its message more or less voluntary.

This is what sanitises this new hero, which reproduces, in its dynamics with the eternal child that must be protected, what James Cameron had succeeded with Terminator 2: The Last Judgment. Except that Collet-Serra will never be Cameron and the awkwardness prevails more than once.

The same with some plans, sometimes slow, sometimes off-topic western, or that capture some of the expressions of The Rock quite embarrassing, recalling the limits of his game as an actor who does not seem to have changed since The Scorpion King. Damage to someone who mocks Baboulinet promo...

But what leads may be the more Black Adam, is his complete lack of surprise, with his character that has the word "traitor" written in capital letters on his forehead, or his wicked cardboard, wrestler, amateur straight out of hell, literally and figuratively.

And then, there was always this desire to detach from the DCEU, and then not signing still a hell of schizophrenia in DC, who always takes the side of Zack Snyder-level staging, or reappears in a scene post generic a character who was no longer part of the plans... While capitalizing on the success gothamiens in the shape of a loner who will probably be longer.

Black Adam is the most beautiful illustration of this lack of compass: the effective time, under the influence, entertaining and highly nagging, but a generic, without identity or direction affirmed.

Not sure that The Rock has the capacity to be comics and save Warner alone in these conditions.

Behind_the_Mask, anti-hero, but not too much, and then if all the same.

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