Zemeckis offers, therefore, a direct sequel to the first instalment, with a more adventurous rich where Marty McFly will need to repair his mistakes in the future. It applies recipes similar to the previous instalment, creating certain magic in the atmosphere, and built again on a write of quality, whether in dialogues, still just as awesome, and whose good numbers are memorable, the characters or the advancement of the story, surprising and thrilling to perfection.

Cocktail taste of nostalgia, adventure, and humour, this sequel plays out over several tables showing bright on everyone. The feel of adventure is always present, and the one following with haste, tension and mystery the adventures of Doc and Marty, while humour still works perfectly, thanks to the dialogues, the situations caused or various references, including those referring directly to the first film. We find again that hint of magic in the atmosphere, but also of the mystery as well as the intensity in the best moments, always accompanied by a remarkable soundtrack.

The findings of Zemeckis are always exciting, especially in his vision of the future (vision of Jaws 19, the overboard...) or even the parallel between the different eras described. It is always proof of a true science detail, proposing a staging effective and especially immersive and orchestrating all of this with great gusto and, again, inventiveness. The theme is so fascinating and intriguing that time travel is always at the centre of the film, and it is re-processed with brio, again playing on the serious consequences of a single act. Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox make-up is always an endearing duo in total osmosis, while the supporting roles are always spotless, including Thomas F. Wilson in the role of Biff.

Always carried out with drums beating to 88 miles per hour, the second Back to the Future again offers an explosive cocktail of adventure, nostalgia, or even humour, and, despite the number of visions, it is always very difficult to get tired of it, what a treat!

Back to the future ii Full Movie

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