India has always been on top when it comes to Indian Fashion Jewellery. Our ancestors the maharajas and maharanis were fond of wearing jewellery of different styles. Gold Jewellery has been an integral part of our life for ages.


It is considered a token of wealth, asset and festivity. If we talk about 100 years back then our royals used to wear rubies, emeralds, sapphire, diamonds, etc in their jewellery as long necklaces, rings, chokers, turban clips, and bracelets.

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How Old Generation Vs The New Generation Shop For Jewellery?

While growing up we have seen our parents shopping for gold only on Diwali or for weddings with full diligence. They have always been very cautious about investing their hard-earned money in Customized Gold Jewellery shopping.

For them, jewellery is not just an ornament but a symbol of love and emotion and a sense of financial security. They feel more gold means more financial stability. In previous times they had limited designs and limited jewellery metals to purchase.


For security purposes, old people prefer to buy gold only. But this has changed over time, generation by generation. This generation wore one jewellery piece with all attires.

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Today the generation has evolved technology-wise, thought-wise. Several trends are running in the market and this generation is all about following the trends. With advancements in technology, new designs have emerged. New age people go for styles that match their apparel. Customized Jewellery and Imitation Jewellery have taken over the market.

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Factors Leading To The Shopping Differences Between The Two Generations

  • Design Preferences: Parents prefer quality over designs, while youngsters prefer design over quality. The market is full of Imitation Jewellery Online. Parents choose to buy authentic gold jewellery mostly and 925 sterling silver if they want to go with the trend.
  • Online Availability: During the pandemic, the market changed the ways of shopping. Everything became available online. Today all big jewellery shops are available online with plenty of designs. But still, our parents will buy offline where they can feel and touch the article they are buying.
  • Technology: Advancements in technology lead to more variations in designs available today for us. Earlier tools and technology both were not so progressed. You will get more designs in 18k gold but parents will not go with the design and will want to buy 22k gold pieces.
  • Gold As An Asset: Parents buy gold as an asset but the new age generation has different thoughts on it. They prefer to invest in Designer Silver Jewellery or Artificial Jewellery Online.
  • Available Payment Modes: People today prefer not to carry a lot of cash, instead they will go online. On the contrary, our parents will prefer to pay in cash and buy offline.

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