Buzbee announces Madden 23 coins more women are coming forward with personal stories

On the 19th of March Buzbee claimed that more women have contacted his office in aftermath of the previous three allegations. Nine more suits were filed, bringing the total to 12 -- and in total the attorney reported that 22 women have contacted his office claiming they had also been harassed or physically assaulted by the Texans' quarterback.

The subject matter of the suits comprised of a woman that claims Watson attempted to force her to kiss him, as well as another that alleges Watson tried to sexually attack her on two separate occasions, after they had a meeting at an office building. As a result of these lawsuits Buzbee demanded the Houston police department, as well as the Harris County District Attorney's Office to look into these complaints that were filed against Watson and possibly seek criminal charges in addition to the civil actions filed.

On March 22 , a new suit has been brought, but this time from California. It's the 14th civil matter brought against Watson who is, again, an therapist. The lawsuit described Watson as a "serial sexual predator" and detailed an event in which Watson mut coins madden 23 invited the woman to be his guest for a massage, locked the door and during the massage allegedly held her hand over his penis. If she refused, he said "I will not have you sign an NDA, but don't ever speak about this."