The brand new reinforcement Casemiro has spoken about his favourite Manchester United player he grew up watching and Max Muncy Jersey admiring since he was a kid.The Brazilian Midfielder has won the Champions League five times and is claimed to be one of the greatest footballers in the world Dylan Floro Jersey in his position.The 30-year-old started his career in Sao Paulo, while he was still learning and improving at the sport, his admiring Midfielder stood out from the rest with the Red Devils.According to a Casemiro interview made by , the former Real Madrid was asked which player at Manchester United inspired him the most throughout his career.The Midfielder said:Well, there are many A. J. Pollock Jersey players... I think there are players that you remember in your life, So, in terms of idols in this position my idol growing up was always Zinedine Zidane, but here at Manchester United it was always Paul Scholes.Then Casemiro highlighted Max Scherzer Jersey some of the qualities Scholes had when he was a Manchester United player, Alex Wood Jersey he added:Casemiro understands the huge history the Old Trafford side has and is happy to be here to represent us in the best way po sible.Read More Manchester United Coverage:Follow The Utd Transfer Room: | Facebook & Instagram Coming Soon