Sexuality Difference According To Gender   

Female sexuality is a little more complex when compared to males. Unlike males, females do not think about sex more often and it takes much longer for them to reach a state of sexual arousal. Once a woman hits menopause, it becomes a bit difficult for her to have the same level of intensity of sexual desire as she has during her fertile years. Most women do not get turned on at the slightest provocation and prefer an emotional and mental connection before getting intimate. For them, an emotional connection is an absolute necessity for getting intimate. If the woman in a relationship does not feel safe and emotionally connected to her partner, she is probably not going to feel a desire to be intimate with her partner.          

Symptoms Of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Lack of interest in sex and unwillingness to get intimate is the most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in females. Other symptoms include an inability to experience orgasm and intense pain experienced during penetrative sex, known as dyspareunia. Filagra Pink 100 mg serves as a worthwhile remedial solution against all these sexual conditions. Its clinically proven formula target sexual function and helps improve sexual performance.     

Significance Of Sex Drive Changes In Females     

Sex drive or libido is a common attribute of reproduction. Females experience changes in their sexual responsiveness every so often throughout their lifetime. They remain sexually receptive in the physiological sense throughout the menstrual cycle, with cyclical variations. Hence, every woman has a sex drive that is normal to them, and a variety of factors can be responsible for increasing or decreasing it. It fluctuates at several peak events within their lifetime. This can happen for a short duration during events such as after pregnancy or childbirth, or during stressful periods. In addition, some other factors including hormonal imbalance, menopause, and mental health issues can also cause a decrease in the desire to have sex.  

Understanding Hormonal Difference

The difference in the sex drive between males and females comes essentially down to the distinction in the levels of testosterone. A female body produces small amounts of testosterone which in conjunction with estrogen helps with the growth, maintenance, and repair of a woman’s reproductive tissues, bone mass, and behaviors.  Moreover, levels of hormones in the body change for people of all sexes with an increase in their age. Females undergo dramatic changes in hormone levels throughout their lives, but once they reach menopause it starts falling.     

Effect Of Sexual Dysfunction On Relationships  

lack of desire can give rise to relationship conflicts especially when one partner desires more sex than the other. This phenomenon is termed desire discrepancy which is a challenging situation. Other factors such as difficulty with orgasm and dyspareunia can be equally troublesome. However, medication like Filagra Pink 100 mg helps women to experience an increased desire as it augments the flow of blood to the female reproductive organs which leads to arousal. Filagra Pink 100 mg helps to fix vaginal dryness issues and aids in easy sexual intercourse by subsiding pain.