How Much Does PCB Assembly Cost?


PCB assembly cost embody the fee of labor, technology, turnaround time, packaging of parts, and the extent of PCBs required. The use of a PCB manufacturing price calculator can assist you pinpoint the price of the operation. However, most PCB meeting unit prices vary between $10 and $50 relying on the quantity of gadgets produced.


The quote above is a rough, ballpark estimate that does now not encompass all tooling and setup charges. Overall, the price of PCB meeting can fluctuate broadly by using printed circuit board manufacturers. Below, we’ll wreck down some of the elements that have an effect on the fee of PCB manufacturing and how they can be reduced.


Labor Costs


The labor prices of PCB meeting are impacted with the aid of the geographical region in which the circuit boards are made. Since PCB manufacturing includes expert human processes, as nicely as automatic machinery, the labor prices can be significant. Therefore, corporations have an incentive to manufacture PCBs in areas the place labor is cheaper.


For instance, a PCB assembled in South Asia is normally various instances much less steeply-priced than one constructed in North America or Western Europe. If we anticipate a three-day turnaround time, the common meeting fee in North America is roughly $1,100 in US dollars. By contrast, the identical volume of circuit boards in the People’s Republic of China is $545.

However, foreign places manufacturing can pressure up prices due to shipping, handling, and verbal exchange delays. Therefore, low priced manufacturing can encompass unexpected charges that want to be accounted for earlier than contracting an remote places manufacturer.


Turnaround Time


When we’re requested “how plenty does PCB meeting cost” one of the first responses that come to idea is: what is the anticipated turnaround time? Turnaround time refers to the span of time that is required to whole the manufacturing manner and fulfill the buyer’s request. As a rule, quicker turnaround expectations come at a greater cost.


Buyers that demand brief turnaround instances can force up the price of PCB meeting by means of up to one-third (i.e., 33 percentage or more). Short turnaround instances have a tendency to amplify meeting pricing due to the fact it frequently requires companies to put a maintain on current orders to prioritize yours. Likewise, expedited shipping, which shortens the turnaround time, additionally charges extra than everyday shipping.




When it comes to manufacturing, greater portions end result in decrease meeting prices due to economies of scale. In different words, when merchandise are created at a large scale, the unit charge of every PCB drops significantly. This financial phenomenon happens due to the fact many of the elements that force up meeting prices, like startup expenses and programming, solely have an effect on the preliminary devices produced—all intending devices can be created besides swallowing these costs.

Increasing the volume of PCBs produced can retailer corporations money in the long-run via stopping one-time fees that don’t want to be reproduced. Therefore, you ought to usually are searching for out producers that can accommodate giant order volumes.




Another key thing of PCB assembly pricing is the kind of technological know-how used. On one hand, floor mount science (SMT) can grant price financial savings to producers due to the fact setup fees are decrease and automation is closely involved. However, SMT can end result in the want for through-hole drilling to healthy extra floor mount units (SMDs) which can skyrocket costs.


Parts Packaging


Some components contain extra labor to bundle and appropriate assemble. For instance, electric powered gear like BGAs requires greater time and effort to bundle due to the fact they ought to be linked to an electrical source. Since BGAs have electrical pins, meeting fees can shoot up dramatically in view that they have to bear an X-ray examination to test for short-circuiting.


How To Save Money On PCB Assembly


PCB Design


Cutting fees on PCB meeting begins by means of understanding how to sketch PCBs optimally. There are many elements that decide the remaining rate of naked PCBs, such as the following:


Surface end type

Size and shape

Layer count

Via technology


Each of the factors listed above can be redesigned to limit charges when manufacturing PCBs. For instance, “vias” are accountable for constructing connections on the circuit board. Whether you decide for blind by way of or a buried by way of will have an impact on the fee of the product.


Comprehensive Bill of Materials


Create a invoice of substances (BOM) that encompasses all the aspects and subparts required for manufacturing the PCB. We endorse the use of this PCB plan guidelines to decide whether or not your BOM consists of all essential items, which includes assemblers, phase numbers, reference designators, and footprints. A top BOM need to additionally consist of alternative components for every component.


Order Time & Quantity


Volume and order time are necessary elements that decide a product’s price. Generally, the greater the order volume, the much less the unit fee will be due to economies of scale. Only choose producers that can fulfill your company’s order extent and turnaround time—be as lenient as feasible with order instances to hold charges minimal whilst nonetheless adhering to your product’s PCB layout limits.


Inspection & Testing


It’s no longer well worth diminishing prices if it requires your product nice to decrease as well. Therefore, you have to constantly take a look at and look at your product so that no misguided PCBs make their way to the market. Otherwise, you can also discover that the fee of pleasing refunds and adverse purchaser relationships outweighs any price financial savings by way of skipping out on applicable inspections.


Be positive to use a hint width calculator to accurately manipulate the temperature of the traces in the PCB’s interior and exterior layers. With a perfect inspection protocol, you can limit long-term threat for your agency and make sure that your circuitry is responsive and adaptive to unique temperature environments.