While the Denver Broncos showed they could survive without two starting linebackers, they'll be able to replenish their depth at the position. Josey Jewell, Alexander Johnson, and Kenny Young are all set to be free agents after all three started games in 2021, only to end up mi sing time because of injuries, which always clouds the value on the open market.Denver is interested in bringing at least one of those linebackers back. The team with Jewell's Roger Maris Jersey agents during this week's NFL Combine. The Broncos also got a chance to see this fairly stacked linebacker cla s do their on-field drills, and many stood out.It's a strong linebacker cla s, so even if the Broncos bring back one of those impending free agents, they could still turn to the draft for additional depth.Coming out of the athletic testing at Lucas Oil Stadium, I'll list the biggest risers but numerous others didn't make the list despite producing a really good workout, and not many others could've made the fallers list. But, overall, linebacker was the most consistent group prospect-to-prospect without huge variance in how they tested.There is good reason to be excited for this linebacker cla s, especially after watching their workouts. Who were the biggest risers and fallers at linebacker?Scroll to ContinueLet's dive in. 40-Yard Dash Risers:Troy Andersen | Montana StateAndersen has been moving up boards since the MLB New York Yankees Senior Bowl, and a 4.42 will only help his climb.Christian Harris | AlabamaHarris was expected to run a good time, but 4.44 was a little faster than expected. What stood out even more was how effortle s and smooth he looked during his runs.Channing Tindall | GeorgiaThere were many questions about Tindall and how speed, but he checked off that box with a 4.47. Unfortunately, he is the forgotten man from that Georgia Bulldog defense, mainly because he wasn't a starter.Brandon Smith | Penn StateSmith had been moving down boards, primarily due to i sues with how he was used at Penn State, but his 4.52 will boost him back up as teams feel they can use him correctly.Quay Walker | GeorgiaThe Georgia Bulldogs have put on a show at the combine. Many felt Walker would be in the 4.6 range, but he posted a 4.52 to exceed expectations. 40-Yard Dash Fallers:Josh Ro s | MichiganThere are plenty of concerns with Ro s outside of the box, and while a faster 40 wouldn't have erased those concerns, it would've helped, but his 4.79 isn't going to help.Nate Landman | ColoradoLandman is going to be very limited at the NFL level, and posting the slowest time of a 4.86 isn't going to help his prospects for the NFL.Zakoby McClain | AuburnMcClain with a 4.69 was a letdown despite being an okay time, but many were expecting him to push for a sub 4.5 time.Jack Sanborn | WisconsinSanborn is more of an instinctive linebacker, who can overcome a 4.73 some, but as the NFL gets faster and more athletic, you want to see faster times.Devin Lloyd | UtahThe 4.66 time that Lloyd posted isn't a bad number, but the i sue is he ended up testing slower than expected and desired. Testing/Drills Risers:Chad Muma | WyomingThere was one drill where Muma had some i sues, but it dealt with the throw from the quarterback. Besides that one drill, Muma killed it.Quay Walker | GeorgiaWalker was smooth in every drill, and the technique he showed was consistently clean.Brian Asamoah II | OklahomaAsamoah still has technical things to clean up, but he is such a smooth mover, and he seemed to glide through the coverage drills.Brandon Smith | Penn StatePenn State didn't use him the best this past season, which led to many questions about his position in the NFL. However, Johnny Damon Jersey he made it clear how versatile he can be in the linebacker corps through his drills.Troy Andersen | Montana StateAndersen had a lot to gain at the combine through the drills, and it was a setting he got to show off. The technique isn't all there, but he has the athleticism and tools to work with and develop.Darrian Beavers | CincinnatiThere were questions about how smooth Beavers is in coverage, which could've limited him to specific Masahiro Tanaka Jersey coverage roles, but his drills were clean, and he was pretty fluid.Damone Clark | LSUClark had a strong day. It wasn't perfect, but he showed how he is still climbing up and growing, showing growth in certain areas from drill to drill. He was picking up on what the coaches were saying. Testing/Drills Fallers:Devin Lloyd | UtahTo be clear, the drills from Lloyd were not bad, but they were not good enough. Expectations were high for Lloyd to go out there and nail all the drills, and there was an i sue with each of them.Nephi Sewell | UtahSewell needed a good showing to keep himself in the day three conversation, but he was all over the place with his drills. His footwork was me sy, and he struggled to move fluidly.Zakoby McClain | AuburnMcClain had an i sue with finishing coverage drills, and his hips were very tight when changing direction, which is going to be limiting in the NFL.Christian Harris | AlabamaHarris did well with the athletic testing, but he was disappointing with the drills. His movements were not as smooth as you would've hoped, and in multiple drills, he was dropping his eyes to his feet.Tre Williams | ArkansasWilliams was consistently sloppy with his footwork, and there were multiple drills where he seemed to be gue sing what was coming instead of just following.Jack Sanborn | WisconsinThe combine drills aren't a setting where instinctive players will consistently shine. Unfortunately, that was an i sue with Sanborn through the drills, and it led to some clunky movement. Overall Risers:Quay Walker | GeorgiaEntering the combine, Walker was viewed just outside the top 50 for many draft analysts, but he did enough to secure his spot as a top 50 prospect. He tested exceptionally well athletically and nailed the drills.Chad Muma | WyomingWyoming produced Logan Wilson two years ago, and Chad Muma showed why he is a better prospect. He tested exceptionally well athletically, much better than expected, and was so clean with most of his drills. Muma is right there on the border of a top 50 player.Troy Andersen | Montana StateAndersen was a quarterback, running back, and then a linebacker. There is no question he is still learning the linebacker position, and that showed during drills, but he can have an impact early on special teams and has tremendous upside on defense/Channing Andy Pettitte Jersey Tindall | GeorgiaTindall is the forgotten man from the Bulld