DETROIT After tearing his Brandon Workman Jersey ACL on the practice field 374 days ago, David Bakhtiari was back at left tackle for the Green Bay Packers for 27 snaps on Sunday.It was 27 snaps more than he anticipated playing.I got a text from Aaron this week, Bakhtiari said on Sunday. He said, Id love for you to be out there. It would mean a lot.His comeback from last years ACL had been derailed twice, including once by a follow-up procedure. His readjusted sights were set on the two weeks of practice before the playoffs, not the Week 18 game against the Detroit Lions.Practice is the most important, Bakhtiari said. Putting in consecutive days in practice, knocking off the rust in practice. Ive played in more than enough games, played in a bunch of playoff games, didnt really feel the need to play on Sunday . When he texted me, I was like, All right, Ill see how it goes in practice.Bakhtiari, having already given Rodgers a fancy golf cart, took his good friends request to heart.I dont think he was thinking about playing, Rodgers said. I just kind of floated the idea and said, Hey, why Tony Conigliaro Jersey dont you come out and play a couple of series on Sunday? I kind of maybe slightly adjusted or course corrected what he wanted to do.So, Bakhtiari practiced on Wednesday. On Thursday, he ramped up his conditioning. On Friday, he practiced again.On Sunday, he played in his first game since Dec. 27, 2020.I liked how it was in practice I didnt exactly want to be on turf but I said, Lets do it. Lets go have fun. I think it was more for him than for me.Bakhtiaris return appeared to go off without a hitch. He played three-plus series. Two of them were long drives 13 plays for a touchdown and eight plays before a turnover on downs to test his stamina and ability to block when running out of gas. After his third play of the fourth series, Bakhtiari called it a day. He jogged off the field and was replaced by Yosh Nijman.The Packers scored a touchdown on that drive. As Mason Crosby kicked off following a commercial break, Bakhtiari walked over to Rodgers, who was standing near midfield, and they embraced. Im so proud of him, Rodgers said. Hes been through so much. Obviously, being really close to him and having a lot of conversations with him, its been tough mentally, which is understandable. To think youre coming back in Week 7 maybe, Week 8, have a setback and surgery, its been tough on him. Im so proud of him. It seemed like he was fantastic. Im just really happy for him, the person. Hes a great person and he makes our team better. Obviously, hes an incredible player. To celebrate him and his happine s today is pretty special. Nothing like running out there and seeing The Big Giraffe.Scroll to Continue . On Nov. 10, . His goal of returning for Nov. 7 vs. Kansas City or the following games against Minnesota or Los Angeles was in sight.However, Dustin Pedroia Jersey two days after returning to the 53-man roster, he didnt practice. On Nov. 23, NFL Network reported that .I had some feeling that it didnt feel normal for the timeframe it was supposed to be right, he recalled. Ive never been through this before so I was like, All right, I gue s this is just Matt Barnes Jersey how everyone feels coming back. I was in constant contact with Bryan Bulaga, a former teammate who suffered a torn ACL in 2017 .Bakhtiari said he had too much scar ti sue, which was limiting his movement and creating a fluid buildup that needed to be drained.I just want to be competitive. My knee doesnt need to be perfect, it just needs to work, Bakhtiari said. Having 80-100 cc of fluid weekly is not conducive to being explosive. . It lasted just one week. After mi sing two weeks, Rodgers persuaded Bakhtiari to give it another shot.It was ups and downs, Bakhtiari said. Finally, my knee was starting to respond in the right direction, start trending in a positive direction. I was able to get out there and put a positive week together. Im like, All right, good, lets just go out there and see. Held up well, so I was pleased with that.For not playing in a little more than a year, Bakhtiari was happy with how he played. His footwork and hand placement, he thought, were on point.During that fourth series, following a 16-yard completion to Davante Adams, Bakhtiari said enough was enough. His long, long journey had reached its destination. We had a general idea of what we wanted to do from a snaps perspective, he said. Just kept going and, once I was hitting the threshold of where I know we wanted to be, I was like, Ill just keep playing. Had a good block and I was like, Yeah, you know what? This is good for me for today. So, thats why I was just like, Eh, lets have Yosh go in there. I think I played longer than our general idea because we wanted to see.A few weeks ago, Rodgers said a Bakhtiari at 80 percent of his power is Bakhtiari might not be 100 percent healthy but his mentality is 100 percent in for the playoff run.If Im out Kevin Plawecki Jersey there, Im 100, he said. Thats point blank, period. Everythings relative at the end of the day but, if Im out there and competing, its 100.