Buried beneath the weight of this week's news cycle pertaining to Aaron Rodgers' vaccination status is an indicator of where he Zach Britton Jersey might call home next year.Hint: It's not Green Bay.Another hint: It could be Denver.And, according to a new report, Von Miller would help make it po sible.The Broncos are gearing up to get Aaron Rodgers. Thats what theyre doing," radio personality Dan Patrick on the , citing a source. "This may not be the only player they get rid of, but they know they have a young nucleus there. Von Miller was expendable. Theyre going to gear up, load up if Aaron Rodgers somehow doesnt want to stay in Green Bay.Indeed, Miller, dealt to the Los Angeles Rams for 2022 second- and third-round draft Joe DiMaggio Jersey selections, wasn't the only player whom Denver unloaded prior to Tuesday's trade deadline. The team also sent rookie cornerback Kary Vincent Jr. to the Philadelphia Eagles for a .Scroll to ContinueGeneral manager George Paton now has 11 draft choices in next DJ LeMahieu Jersey year's war chest, including at least four within the top-100 enough capital to procure his next quarterback, whomever that is, veteran or rookie.Interestingly, Patrick isn't the only media pundit to continue banging the Rodgers-to-Broncos drum, replaying a tune we heard over much of this past offseason. A suming an inevitable divorce from Green Bay, the 38-year-old will handpick his future employer, and the persistent belief is that Paton comes calling."I think, still, the best idea for Denver is to hope Aaron Rodgers wants out of Green Bay next February," James Paxton Jersey NBC Sports' Peter King . "The Packers, if Rodgers insists on a trade, would want to send Rodgers to the AFC. Rodgers might want Pittsburgh, but my gue s is Denver would offer more. Randy Johnson Jersey Paton could put together a very good package and still likely have a good receiver group for Rodgers."So, buckle up and hold on to your butts. The ensuing months project as a volatile ride don't call it a rebuild that perhaps leads Denver to the future Hall-of-Fame field general, a subsequent return to NFL relevancy.Miller's departure, though a bitter pill to swallow, may prove to be the catalyst.