Tourmalines and Opals

Two precious stones for this October, the golden month of autumn that invites us to show off beautiful, luminous and magical gems: Tourmalines and opals. Let's talk about them!


When we talk about tourmalines we talk about a unique universe in the world of precious stones due to its enormous variety of colors.

Let's not forget that it is a gem that is shown in an enormous diversity of shades, one more beautiful and exciting than the other!

We are talking about a mineral that contains an extremely complex structure, which has sodium, magnesium, aluminum, lithium, iron ions which give it a diversity of tones that have positioned it among the most loved gems in jewelry since ancient times.

Indeed, it is believed that its name comes from the Singalese "Turamali" which means "Stone of Mixed Colors".

Tourmaline colors

It is said that there is no other gem that shows more diversity of colors, shades and nuances than tourmaline. I leave you a list of the best known and loved in jewelry:

Rubellite: is a red tourmaline that is very similar to ruby. It is a very rare and much loved variety. At the same time, due to their inclusions, clear specimens suitable for use in jewelry are scarce and therefore very expensive.

Rubellite's color is due to manganese and partially to lithium. Its fundamental characteristic is that its color does not change in tone even if it is observed under different light sources.

Other red or pink tourmalines show a shade towards brown under artificial light. The most fanatical admirer of rubellites was the last Chinese Empress Tzu Hsi, who ruled between 1860 and 1908. Her remains rest on a cushion made of rubellite.

Black tourmaline: It is known by the name of Schorl and its discovery took place in 1400 in Zschorlau , Germany , hence its name (Schorl or chorlo in Spanish).

Green Tourmaline – Colors displayed by this type of tourmaline range from dark bottle green to bluish green. It will depend on the amount of iron that is added to its magnesium coloring agent that the green tourmalines will show shades of yellow.

Chrome tourmaline: this type of tourmaline is an intense green due to its chrome component, an agent that is not found in other tourmalines of this color. In general chrome tourmalines are found only in small dimensions

Indigolite: is the blue variety of tourmaline. It is a truly exotic type of tourmaline, with a deep blue color and due to its rarity and its beauty, it is highly coveted in the world of international high-end jewelry. Its coloring agents are manganese and iron.

Tourmaline Paraiba: it is the newest example of tourmaline, discovered in the 80s of the last century, in the region of Paraiba, Brazil (hence its name)

From one day to the next, the Paraiba tourmaline conquered the gemological market, becoming one of the most loved gems by the great high jewelry designers.

Indeed, Paraiba tourmaline is in every worthy jewelry collection. Its color is defined as a light blue pool, neon tonality. A true wonder! The unusual presence of copper makes this captivating color possible.

Pink tourmaline: it has an old pink color that makes you fall in love at first sight. This color is due to traces of manganese, which curiously is responsible for the most feminine colors in the world of gems (among others, Cunzite and Morganite are colored with this agent).

Watermelon Tourmaline: It is a tourmaline that combines several colors in the same crystal. Carved crosswise it shows a green border (due to chromium and lithium), a white border and inside it is pink, which, as we said, gets this color due to manganese. Hence its name due to its similarity to a slice of watermelon.


Opal symbolizes glamour, mystery and seduction and produces great fascination due to its play of color and its delicate and fine structure.

Its play of color is called opalescence and consists of showing different colors of varying intensity inside the gemstone that change when the gem is moved.

This unique effect is highly appreciated among jewelry lovers, the stronger the color contrast, the more precious the jewel will be.

Another particularity to take into account is that the opals with play of color are different from each other. There is no opal equal to another and this makes opal jewelry "unique".

Two rings or two pendants with Australian black opal, for example, will never be exactly the same, despite having the same design, since the opals will differ from each other.

This gem, due to its mysterious beauty, is infinitely coveted

Opal Varieties

australian opals

Without a doubt the most famous opals come from Australia, which is the producer of 95% of the opals in the world. In 1899 in Australia, in Opalton, the largest opal in the world was extracted.

– Coober Pedy white opals have wonderful reflections of many shades.

– Lightning Ridge black opals are even more coveted due to their contrasting color play.

– Boulder opals with their suggestive optical effect come from the Queensland region.

 Jewelry with Australian opals should not be missing in the chest of those who love special jewelry.

 Opals from Ethiopia and Indonesia

– The Welo opals. These wonderful gems come from Ethiopia and have a particular clarity, which can be almost transparent, and a much accentuated play of color.

– Mezezo opals, also found in Ethiopia, have a very dark body color, almost black, and their play of color is as subtle as it is captivating. In some Anglo-Saxon countries this opal is known under the name of "chocolate opal"

– Indonesian opals have a base color that ranges from beige to brown and brilliant colors that are exchanged with the slightest movement of the gem.

Fire Opals

– Fire opals show an intense color that ranges from orange-yellow to cherry red. The fire opals that offers in its collections come from Brazil and Mexico, in the latter country are the specimens with the most intense color and of superior quality.

Opals from Peru

– The blue opals that some suppliers offers in its jewelry come from Peru. They are delicate and beautiful sky blue gems.

– Pink opals, also from Peru, show a light pink color, they are very rare and difficult to extract.

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